Hi there. As we’ve just launched the game worldwide, I wanted to use this week’s blog to get new players up to speed, and give them and our veteran players a look at what we have planned for the game.


If you’re reading this then I assume you’ve downloaded and played Warhammer Combat Cards, so I’ll skip the ‘how to play’ (though if you do want to know more, check out the game’s built-in guide or all these posts).

As for ‘what is my goal?’, there are several different reasons to play Combat Cards, but broadly your objective is to collect every card and upgrade them to max level. That will give you the most deck-building options when battling other players, and ensure you can always build a strong deck for each Campaign.

This is probably the most efficient way to get all of the cards:

  • Log-in every 8 hours or so, to open your free pack.
  • Check your daily Objectives so you can work towards them while fighting the battles below.
  • Fight enough battles to destroy 10 enemy bodyguards, letting you open your kill pack.
  • For the bodyguard kills it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the battles, but each session you’ll also want to win at least one battle to earn a Warlord pack (and remember to start a Warlord pack’s opening timer before you finish the session).
  • The other major way to earn cards is through the weekly Campaigns, which you’ll need to be Rank five to access (you increase your Rank by completing Objecitves and by upgrading your cards).
  • Even if you can only join a Campaign just before it finishes, you can still earn some nice prizes.
  • Because each Campaign specifies the faction you play as, you’ll need at least one Warlord of that faction. If you don’t have a useable Warlord then you can get one from each Campaign’s Warlord pack.

One final piece of advice – make sure you’ve opened your free ‘reinforcements’ pack as part of the initial tutorial. We’ve noticed that some people who are finding the start of the game too difficult aren’t opening this pack, which is something we’ll work to address going forward.

By following the above you’ll soon have a collection of powerful cards, getting you ready for upcoming features like clan-versus-clan battles. Speaking of which…


As our veteran players will know, Combat Cards has been out in a couple of countries for a while, meaning those guys got to see the game ages before anyone else, but also had to put up with the various issues of a work-in-progress game.

During that time we made the difficult choice to swap the game’s engine, which put our progress back a bit and meant we had to spend some time focusing on bugs and polish, rather than adding new features.

Hopefully the game’s working reasonably well now – though there’s always work to do here – so now we’re looking to the…


I’ve talked about the various features we’re planning to add to Combat Cards before, but right now our priorities are:

  • Adding clans, which when completed will allow players to chat, request specific cards from their clan-mates, and fight friendly battles. However, as this is a big feature we’re working on it in phases. We’ll get the ‘base’ clan functionality into the game as soon as possible, then add more features over time, culminating in apocalyptic, clan-versus-clan battles.
  • We’re continuing to work on improving our matchmaking, to ensure it finds more balanced opponents for you to fight. See this post for more details.
  • We’re close to rolling out a new ‘Missions’ feature, which will work alongside our weekly Campaigns. I’ll run through Missions in detail in a couple of weeks.


The limited edition Inquisitor Eisenhorn card is only given away at real-world events and for special occasions.

If you’re new to Combat Cards then welcome aboard. And if you’ve been playing for a while, then our sincere thanks for your patience during the engine change-over and the various teething issues.#

Whether you’re a new player or a battle-scarred veteran, please let us know your thoughts and suggestions – your feedback helps us shape the game’s direction and show us which issues we need to work on as a priority.

I’ve run a couple of Q&A blog posts in the past, and am going to do so again in about a month, so please send me your questions. Anyone whose question I answer will receive a free copy of the exclusive Inquisitor Eisenhorn card.

You can get in touch via our Facebook page, leaving a comment here, or mailing [email protected].

Thanks for reading – and for playing!