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Warhammer Combat Cards is a digital card game made by Well Played Games in conjunction with Games Workshop. Read on for an overview of the game, or click here for our detailed ‘how to play’ game guide. We also have our weekly developer blog on the making of the game, and a look at the classic, paper Combat Cards from Games Workshop.

Latest News

Patch Notes 37.14

Patch Notes 37.14

Greetings, citizens, Our new version, 37.14, is out, bringing you a fresh icon and several bug fixes. Here’s what’s new:  User Interface: A new icon for the one and only Primarch of Dark Angels.  Gameplay: Some preparation for an upcoming Supreme Commander....

Developer Update: Balance Changes and Deathwing Season

Developer Update: Balance Changes and Deathwing Season

The new season begins on Monday, the 19th of February. Greetings, citizens,From the closely guarded secrets of the Votann, we move to the masters of secrecy, the Dark Angels. With the return of the Lion to the setting as a whole and to Combat Cards, it’s no surprise...

Developer Update: Improving the AI

Developer Update: Improving the AI

Greetings, citizens,  We've implemented some changes to enhance the AI in our game. The change is pretty straightforward: the AI now decides which lane to place a card.  As you’ve no doubt experienced, the AI is pretty predictable, always filling existing...

Developer Update: The Start of Votann Season

Developer Update: The Start of Votann Season

Greetings, Citizens,As we leave the ancient and mysterious technology of the Omnissiah behind, we join the equally technologically gifted forces of the Votann and their Kyn. Additionally, we've included a list of all the newly added cards to the gacha. So, without...


Build your unique collection of cards, each featuring a new or classic Warhammer 40,000 miniature painted by Games Workshop’s ‘Eavy Metal team.


Select a Warlord and create a deck around their special rule. Will you include allies? Should you spend your points on a few, powerful cards, or a horde?



Take on enemy decks in quick, turn-based, tactical battles. Easy to play but with great depth, use timing, positioning and combo’s to crush their Warlord.


Take part in Campaigns and Missions based on iconic Warhammer 40,000 battles. Defeat AI opponents, climb the leaderboards and win great prizes.


Learn about the Warhammer 40,000 universe and the characters in your collection. Enjoy references from the first to the most recent edition of the game.


New characters are added to the game at the same time Games Workshop releases them, so you can battle with classic and the very latest releases.

Combat Cards

Each card is based on a character from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000, and includes stats which reflect how that miniature plays in the tabletop game. 

The more powerful a card, the more points it costs to include in your deck.

As you upgrade cards you increase their Wounds, and their ranged, melee and psychic attack stats. 

Upgrade them enough and you unlock the card’s ‘trait’, adding more depth to the combat with special powers, like Distract, Furious Charge and Fear.


Build decks from every Warhammer 40,000 army, grouped into eight factions: