UPDATE 23/01: If you have been active in the game during the last 48 hours leading up to the server upgrade, there is a chance you will need to restart your device before being able to access the game post-update. The latest version should also now be available on the App Store for iOS players.

Citizens, Happy New Year!

It’s fully back to work at Well Played Games and for the Combat Cards team, and there’s no time to waste.

Cast your minds back to the roadmap we posted last year; we are now about to complete two pieces of the planned back-end improvement work, which necessitates a temporary downtime of Combat Cards on Monday, the 23rd of January, after the current ranked season and the Infestation event ends. 

The specific pieces of work that we are going to be completing are ‘Upgrading back-end to another service’ and ‘Server stability (Phase 1)’. We won’t be going into any technical details here, but suffice it to say that we have been working towards this for some time now. We know that server stability is a high priority topic for our players, and as the ‘Phase 1’ suggests, these will not be our final improvements. It’s an exciting time, or at least we see it that way!

For the best experience, please get the latest update from Google Play Store/Steam. Unfortunately, this update isn’t available on Apple now, so during the downtime, Apple players will see an ‘unknown error’ message. We’ll get this fixed in the future, but we don’t want it to hold up these vital server improvements. 

We will be keeping the downtime to an absolute minimum and will be doing everything we can to ensure this is a smooth transition. As always, there’s the potential for teething issues with these things. If these occur, please bear with us and rest assured we’ll do our best to sort it out as quickly as possible.  

Once we’re back online, there’ll be a tasty giveaway in the shop as a reward for your patience and understanding! Time spent not purging heretics is time wasted, after all. The new ranked season will kick off shortly after we come back online. 
Keep an eye out on our social media channels, where we’ll keep you updated on when we’ll be back online.

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