Hello everyone!

As alluded to by the current Custodes season, and the most recent balance blog, against the great Waaagh! Of Ghazghkull arriving this season, another Supreme Commander emerges. Descending from the Imperial Palace on Terra, the Golden Host is led by Trajann Valoris, the next Supreme Commander and second arrival this season.

Trajann Valoris’ warrior prowess approaches that of the Primarchs of old. With the Watcher’s Axe he can bisect the sarcophagus of a Chaos Helbrute in a single swing, or use its built-in bolt weapon – known as Eagle’s Scream – to cut down enemy infantry with salvoes of adamantine-tipped penetrator bolts.

Coming in at 86pts, Trajann sits comfortably in the middle of the existing Supreme Commanders. With the cost, he brings 460 Wounds, 110 Melee, and 60 Range. On the surface, that may seem a little light on offensive capability; however, his wounds total is second only to Guilliman, outstripping every other supreme commander to date. That said, Trajann is still a huge offensive threat. Firstly, due to his traits of Furious Charge and Inspiring Presence, his attack stats in functional terms (at max level) are actually 143 Melee and 78 Range. But wait, there’s more… 

His special rule, “Guardians of the Golden Throne” works as follows:

If a friendly card has 50% or more base Wounds remaining, boost its attack stats by 20%. If it has less than 50% base Wounds remaining, reduce incoming damage by 20%. 

This means that out of the gate, Trajann is going to be landing with a maximum attack output of 165 Melee (with a Furious Charge attack) and 90 Range. Suddenly, that deceptively low base stat becomes undeniably terrifying. It also shows why that huge health total is quite so valuable.

To drill in the rule more generally, this is one of the simplest Supreme Commander rules we’ve seen to date, but no less powerful for it. While your cards are at half health or above, they deal more damage, and when they drop below this, they take less damage.

Its simplicity also gives it huge flexibility, play durable cards and increase their offensive output, play fragile cards and increase their durability. It also means that a battle can ebb and flow, and support traits such as medicae and taunt can be crucial in managing the flow of battle to get the results that you need. It also suits the general Custodes roster well with a large number of Shielded cards to protect their health and allow for maximal damage, as well as the new Custodes cards bringing Target Acquired and Melee Scout to maximise that boosted initial attack, and all able to fall back on their large health pools in the later stages making them that much more difficult to remove.

From a lore perspective, this reflects their martial flexibility and their Martial Ka’tah ability to be swift and devastating upon arrival, but also their inhuman resilience where, even against all odds, they are able to stand firm and hold the line where any other warrior would have long since fallen. 

This flexible playstyle should let anyone playing Trajann bring whichever deck they wish and find success, or play a fully thematic Custodes deck and have it feel right at home. 

For the Emperor!