Greetings, citizens!

Back in May we shared a roadmap for our Summer development plans. We always intended this to become a recurring blog post where we could give more visibility about what we’re working on. It’s been a little longer than we’d like, but we’re really excited to bring you an updated roadmap with some of our plans for the future.

Before we jump onto the new stuff, though, we just want to take a minute to reflect on the last roadmap and where it all landed.

Most of what we stuck on here was delivered – in the last few months, we brought in clan leaderboards, the battle pass, a rework of the coin economy, and a new warlord in Trazyn the Infinite. T’au were not so lucky, however. We had originally intended to introduce a 6th T’au warlord, but this work was descoped to deliver the features already mentioned and to keep providing exciting live events in the game. Introducing the Leagues of Votann as the 9th faction was also something that wasn’t planned, and we pivoted quickly to make this happen. Never say never, but we don’t have any imminent plans to bring that 6th T’au warlord in. The other piece to talk about here is the ambiguously named ‘New challenges’. This feature evolved during the development process and will now be delivered in the form of a new modifier – but more on that to come.

Anyway, that’s enough about the past, let’s take a look at the future! As always, we have to caveat this by saying that plans can change, and we can’t promise to swap things if something else comes up. Though as a general rule, things on the left are more certain than things on the right.


Let’s start with the features! Secondary traits are something we’ve teased for a long time, and to be transparent, it’s been quite a difficult development process. Our original intention was to deliver these alongside a new cosmetic level in the upgrade tree, but we’ve made the decision to separate these out and deliver them as two separate chunks instead. We just want to get secondary traits in your hands at this point, and splitting the feature means we can do that sooner. It does mean that the cosmetic level for cards will be further down the line, but we hope they’ll be worth the wait when they’re unveiled.

Up last for features, we have ‘Make Lords of War collectible’! We’ve had some of these cards in the game for a while and typically keep them restricted to special events – but we will be officially setting the Lords of War loose! This is still in very early stages, but we’ll be making changes to both these cards and the wider game to make fielding these titanic cards a very real possibility. For all of these features, we’ll release a more in-depth blog closer to their release with all the need-to-know info.

Server improvements

What we want to make very clear in this roadmap is that there are server improvements underway. We know that the current game experience is not as snappy as either you or us would want it to be, and that stability has been an issue for a while. It’s something we’re devoting a lot of resources to addressing, and we hope that there will be noticeable improvements in the coming months. This work has been split into two phases, but in addition, we’re also upgrading our back end to another service. Because of how our back end has been built, this is a very involved process, but will ultimately unlock more potential improvements.


Finally, let’s talk about events! Battle Scars will be the first modifier we’ve added to the game for quite a while. We don’t want to reveal too much at this point as we’ll preview it on a stream in the near future, but this modifier completely changes how you approach live events and could open up a lot of opportunities for the game. We’ll also be adding to the Leagues of Votann roster by introducing their second warlord, who again, should offer a completely unique experience to our existing warlords. As always, we’ll be hitting all the big events in the year, including a Dark Angels vs. Fallen series of events around Thanksgiving, and something special for the Imperial Guard over the Christmas period. There’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming battle pass themes included here too.

We hope this has given you an insight into where our efforts are focussed at the minute. Let us know what you’re looking forward to on this roadmap and what you might want to see in a future edition!