Greetings, Citizens,

Harry here, dropping in again for the end-of-season Balance Change. With Inquisition Season over, we arrive at the release of the new Space Marine Codex. With this, our new Season focus will be the Space Marines, with a brand new Salamanders Battle Pass and the upcoming arrival of Guilliman as a fully playable Warlord.

Furthermore, this month, we’re introducing exciting changes to our events lineup by offering two-day events, and we’re thrilled to announce that some of our clan events will now take place during the week. We are eager to hear your thoughts about it! 

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the changes:

Balance Changes

Space Marines:

Veteran Brother Geminus – Ultramarines Sternguard Veteran

+5 Wounds, +10 Range

Competing with a number of low-mid cost Precision Shot cards, a bump in Range should help Geminus be a more compelling choice.

Brother Remitaal – Grey Knights Terminator

+5 Wounds, +5 Range, +5 Psychic, +5 Melee

Triple attack cards can sometimes be a bit underwhelming, having to split out their attacks and with Remitaal’s fairly balanced split, it is quite obvious that he doesn’t hit as hard as other similar cost options. As such, a general buff to all stats to keep his role and flavour but provided a much-needed extra punch should help him out.

Brother Heraklion – Ultramarines Primaris Invader ATV

+10 Wounds, +10 Range

While the Invader ATV brings plenty of durability, its turn-one impact with Precision Shot can be a bit underwhelming. Bringing up its range should help it turn one and make the best use of its durable stat line to bring extra punishment.

Epistolary Ultorian – Dark Angels Terminator Librarian

+20 Wounds, +10 Psychic, +5 Melee

By far the least popular of the psychic cards Space Marines have to offer, its below-average attacks are most likely the cause. Increasing this in line with other cards of the same cost should help it out significantly.

Uriel Ventris – Ultramarines 4th Company Captain

+10 Wounds, +5 Range, +5 Melee

The iconic 4th Company Captain’s performance is currently somewhat below what the Black Library novels would tell you, so a general buff should help him reach his told levels of heroism


Aethayad – Wraithlord with Heavy Weaponry

+20 Wounds, +10 Range

While the combination of BGH and Barrage makes this card a formidable threat, it is very fragile for its cost, bumping it up above 300 maximum health puts it in a slightly more survivable position, while an increase in range firepower keeps it in theme with the Aeldari glass cannon archetype.


Darkest Eclipse – Sautekh Dynasty Nightscythe

– 2 Cost

Darkest Eclipse had a decent buff last season, which saw its playrate increase significantly, however, its win rate is still the lowest of Necron cards currently. As such, a final nudge down should put it in a very advantageous position to being below BGH range while being able to wield the force of its own BGH ability, making it a much more formidable large target counter.


T’au had no cards below the play-rate/win-rate threshold this Season, so no buffs needed this time round!

Servants of the Emperor:

Damien 1427 – Adeptus Ministorum Arco-flagellant

+10 Wounds

Low-cost Berserk cards can often struggle to get their momentum going, so a bump of extra health is always going to help.

Leora Sancta – Adepta Sororitas Paragon Warsuit

+10 Wounds, +10 Melee

As the true elite of the Adepta Sororitas, the Paragon Warsuit has lacked a bit of durability and, more importantly, punch. With a bump up to both, it should hopefully perform better and feel more like the elite unit it should be.

Scythe of Mars – Questor Mechanicus Knight Moirax

+10 Range, +15 Melee

While the Scythe of Mars definitely hits all the right points for durability, its damage output can be a bit lacklustre for its points cost, so giving it a meaningful buff to both to keep it as a powerful all-rounder should help its viability.


Silas – Chaos Cultist

+10 Wounds

As a Chaos Cultist, we all know Silas is there just as fodder, unfortunately he has been performing poorly, so a buff to his health should help make his ability to clog lanes a little more effective.

Qizhrak – Flamer of Tzeentch

+10 Range

There’s only one way to help an underperforming Flamer, and that’s more fire!

Clinkerfiend – Skull Cannon of Khorne

+5 Wound, +3 Range, +3 Melee

Clinkerfiend is always on the edge of being a playable card but has been skirting a bit below that threshold for a while now, so a small but general buff should push it over the line.

Cypher – Fallen Angel

-2 Cost, +10 Wounds, +5 Range

Cypher has been very popular since he was added to the game, but his win rate has been somewhat lagging behind the average, and has an incredibly tough competition with the other powerful Chaos legendaries, so a meaningful general buff should put him in a position that the many players that want to bring him, can with confidence.


With the popularity of Ork ranged builds, both these cards are lagging noticeably behind, so both have got a range buff to make them more tempting picks.

Kog da Rekka – Snakebite Clan Tankbusta Nob

+10 Range

Big Dakka’s Mega-Kannon – Bad Moons Clan Kustom Mega-Kannon

+10 Range


As with T’au, Tyranids had no cards below the play-rate/win-rate threshold this season, so no buffs are needed here either!

Leagues of Votann:

With such a limited pool, it’s hard to pick out one card that strays below the average too much, however, the Votann overall are in a healthy place for their win-rate, so they will remain untouched this Season, too.