It’s time for another exciting update, and this one’s packed with improvements and fixes. Let’s dive into the details of version 37.5:

New functionality

Skip Card Reward screen: Need things to move a bit faster? We’ve added a Skip function for the card reward sequence, allowing you to breeze through it and jump straight onto a Highlights page.

User Interface and Visuals

Loading Screen Tips: Keep an eye out for our newly refreshed loading screen tips – created from your suggestions.

Icon Placement: Adjusted the placement of the Warlord SpecialRule icon so that warlords no longer have their heads cut off!

Objective Panel: The UI has been tweaked here to give a cleaner appearance. 

Campaign Modifier Window: The campaign modifier will now auto-resize to ensure you can see all the important details without hassle.

Card Count: Say goodbye to the mysterious “99+” cards! We’ve upgraded this to display the actual 3-digit number so that you can keep track of your card collection more accurately.

Graphical Issue: We’ve fixed a visual issue in the Collection, ensuring that your cards are showcased in all their glory.

Rank-Up Sequence: During the rank 3 rank-up sequence, the battle pass pop-up used to appear at the wrong time. We’ve fixed this, so it occurs after the sequence, as it should.

Reward Icons: We’ve stopped reward icons from prematurely greying out on objectives. Your hard-earned rewards will now stay vibrant and ready for action.

Touched Widgets: We’ve fixed a minor visual glitch where touched widgets would mysteriously turn grey while scrolling through the recommended clans list. Your clan-hunting journey just got smoother.

Localisations and Text

More Localisation: Localised some new key elements, making the game even more accessible to our diverse player base.

Japanese Text: Some text in the Japanese version had an unintended green glowing effect. Fear not, this visual issue has been vanquished.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Warhammer Combat Cards. We hope these improvements will add an extra level of excitement to your gameplay.  Keep an eye out for upcoming updates in the near future!