We’re rolling out an update with important fixes and enhancements to improve your gaming experience. Our team has been working diligently to polish the game, and here are some of the key changes:

Bug Fixes:

User Interface and Visuals

Rank-Up Animation for Honour Ranks: Fixed an issue where rank-up animations were not occurring for honour ranks.

Notification Redirect: Clan invite notifications will now appear in the inbox tab instead of the profile tab.

Banner Placement: Resolved various issues related to banner placements, including overlapping new shop banners and improper placement of the reward banner.


Card Filter in Collection Screen: Fixed the card filter on the Collection screen so that it doesn’t reset after every battle.

Missing Visual Effects: Added missing visual effects such as the Creed return to hand VFX.

Localizations and Text

Localised Strings: Updated and localised various text strings throughout the game.

Text Overlaps: Fixed issues with text overlap in Training mode, including the missing claim reward text.


Objective Icon Highlighting: Fixed an issue where the objective icon was not highlighted after the last match of the Tutorial.

Training Mode Availability: Fixed an issue where Training Mode did not appear as the default game mode for new players.