Greetings, Citizens.

We’re entering a short downtime between seasons from 2pm-4pm BST (UTC+1) for some server maintenance, but the new season will begin as soon as we’re back online!

Harry (MadEmp) here, dropping in again for the latest Balance Change. Coming out of the natural horror of the Tyranids, we launch into the technological supremacy of the T’au. With a chance to focus on the T’au, we’re looking to bring a number of long-standing cards back to the front of the roster as well as introduce plenty more.

So without further delay, let’s dive into the changes:


Shas’vre Tassar – Vior’la Sept XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit

+25 Wounds, +9 Ranged

Dahyak Grekh – Kroot Tracker
+5 Range, +5 Melee

Kor’vesa #9974902 – Vior’la Sept MV71 Gun Drone

+15 Wounds

Shas’la Dau – Vior’la Sept Pathfinder
-2 Points, +4 Ranged

Shas’vre Kai’leath – N’dras Sept Stealth Battlesuit
+15 Wounds, +9 Range

Kor’vesa #3134554 – T’au Sept MV71 Sniper Drone

-2 Points

Shas’o Maisos – Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit
+15 Ranged

Kor’ui D’aano – T’au Sept Sun Shark Bomber
+15 Wounds, +20 Ranged

Kor’el Kai’naar – T’au Sept AX-5-2 Barracuda
+30 Wounds

Kor’ui Kor’ai – T’au Sept Sky Ray Gunship

+25 Wounds, +20 Ranged

Kauyon Shi’ur – Vior’la Sept KV128 Stormsurge
-55 Wounds, -52 Ranged

The Stormsurge is having a relatively heavy nerf due to its trait pairing. Both traits suit the model [as well as giving T’au access to Fear], so at this time, we are choosing not to change them. However, when paired with the Stromsurge’s stats, even at its cost, it is much more powerful than other cards of the same weight class. Nearly 500 Wounds with max Fear are incredibly difficult to deal with, and combined with the damage output of 274 ranged with Barrage puts it in a very strong position both defensively and offensively. Lord of War cards should stand out, but they shouldn’t be in a position, particularly against other Lord of War cards, where they can be overwhelmingly powerful.


Torhaedril – Striking Scorpion Aspect Warrior
+9 Melee

For a hard-hitting ambusher, Torhaedril hasn’t been hitting quite hard enough, so a boost to his melee should give melee decks more viable access to Target Acquired.


Vengeance of Sekemtar – Sautekh Dynasty Destroyer Lord
+25 Wounds, +10 Melee

With a large roster of Destroyer cards in the Necron roster bringing plenty of Berserk for Necron players to choose from, the Vengeance of Sekemtar has slipped behind in recent seasons. Some additional health and a bit more punch should help it compete with the other Destroyers more evenly.

Servants of the Emperor

Dejedris Garamach – Vindicare Assassin
+20 Wounds, +10 Ranged, +5 Melee

The iconic assassin has been making an impact in the new 10th edition tabletop but not having such glory days in game. As such he is receiving an all-around boost to give him a bit more of an edge.

Space Marines

Sanguinary Priest Dalecio – Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest
-2 Cost, +12 Melee

As the most expensive Space Marine Medicae Dalecio has struggled against the other options, cost being a key factor when choosing a Medicae card for all factions. As such, he’s being reduced by a few points in cost. Additionally, with a large melee buff, he should both reflect the Blood Angels chapter better and also offer a role as a damage dealer. This should differentiate, and give different reasoning to pick him over the other option.


Honoured Gor’zrak – Red Corsairs Possessed

-2 Cost

With other similar options, Gor’zrak has slipped behind, so to differentiate, we’re bumping him down a few points to make him as a cheaper option compared to the other alternatives.


Da Mad Mangler – Bad Moons Clan Gorkanaut

Precision Shot -> Deathblow

To differentiate it from Da Giga-Blasta, we’re swapping Precision Shot out for Deathblow, in keeping with that brutal Klaw of Gork.


Specimen: BH-104-IA-Θ – Hive Fleet Behemoth Genestealer

Endless -> Furious Charge

Chirda – Genestealer Cults Hybrid Metamorph

Furious Charge -> Endless

By swapping the traits of these two cards around, it provides a bit of differentiation for the low-cost melee-only space for Tyranids and gives access to a multi-attack endless card. Additionally, it’s a better-fit lore-wise and reflects the Genestealer Cults’ iconic tabletop rules.

Reach out to us on the usual channels and let us know what you think of the changes! See you out there in Farsight Season!