Attention, citizens!

From the 18th of July, 2023, until the 7th of August, 2023, we will be testing the new scoring system. 

This new system considers multiple factors, including difficulty level, damage dealt, bodyguards eliminated (tokens excluded), and wounds left in a player’s deck.

Difficulty Level

Recognizing that every battle presents unique challenges, the system evaluates players based on the difficulty of the encounter. 

Damage Dealt

The revised scoring system now takes into account the damage inflicted by players during battles.  Whether it is through the crushing blow of a massive weapon or the precision strikes of a masterful tactician, every successful assault contributes to the player’s score.

Bodyguard Eliminations

Whether it involves outmanoeuvring the enemy or devising cunning strategies, the successful neutralization of bodyguards improves the players’ score.

Wounds Left in the Deck

Warhammer Combat Cards demands more than raw power and tactical finesse—it requires resourcefulness and wise decision-making. The augmented scoring system recognizes this aspect by considering the wounds remaining in players’ decks.

The stage is set, the scoring system unleashed—prepare for a journey where legends are forged and triumph is the ultimate reward.