Greetings, CItizens.

Harry (MadEmp) here, dropping in for the end of season Balance Change. With the release of Leviathan we’re giving a mini faction focus to the Tyranids! While the Space Marines also help kick off 10th Edition, they have had multiple focuses in the recent pass, so it’s only fair to give the bugs their own time to shine.

With a number of Warlord changes in the previous season, we’re looking for a bodyguard only pass this time round, with buffs to nine tyranids and seven other bodyguards across the other factions.


Specimen: LV-300-SA-Psi – Hive Fleet Leviathan Hormagaunt
+6 Melee

Specimen: LV-209-WT-Phi – Hive Fleet Leviathan Carnifex
-4 Points

Specimen: LV-009-SA-Zeta – Hive Fleet Leviathan Mawloc
-5 Points

Specimen: LV-562-MF-Theta – Hive Fleet Leviathan Hive Guard
+10 Ranged

Specimen: LV-344-FO-Psi – Hive Fleet Leviathan Haruspex
+2 Points, +40 Wounds, +20 Melee

As one of the larger and more imposing Tyranid monsters, it’s been behind many of the others below 300 wounds, and just shy of 100 melee. As such we’re bring it up by a sizeable amount to match its imposing stature. Its also been one of the few big Tyranids that have escaped Big Game Hunter range and so has been nudged up a couple of points to bring it into line with the others.

Specimen: LV-Zeta-40291 – Hive Fleet Leviathan Toxicrene
-2 Points, +4 Melee

Additionally we’ve had a quick pass over some of the new releases from the Leviathan box and have lifted a few of them to make them more impactful and exciting.

Specimen: LV-594-FD-Zeta – Hive Fleet Leviathan Winged Tyranid Prime
-3 Points

Perhaps a little overcosted for what it brings to the table, the Winged Prime should now fit into more lists with room for extra friends

Specimen: LV-000-ST-Xi – Hive Fleet Leviathan Neuroliod
+20 Wounds

While this tiny Nid comes in as the cheapest card released so far, if reflected this by being in most cases a one turn wonder, minimizing chances for any impact on the battlefield. With a few more wounds it should give it a turn or so more on the field giving it a tad more utility.

Specimen: LV-204-VR-Delta – Hive Fleet Leviathan Von Ryan’s Leaper

+5 Wounds, +15 Melee

For the latest iteration of the Tyranid’s assassin bugs, the Leaper was lacking a bit of a punch. These changes should get it in line with its fearsome reputation.


Aethayad – Wraithlord with Heavy Weaponry
+15 Wounds, +20 Range

Servants of the Emperor

Scythe of Mars – Questor Mechanicus Knight Moirax
+4 Range, +4 Melee

Space Marines

Captain Vitrian Messinius – Captain of the White Consuls
+10 Wounds, +3 Range, + 3 Melee


The Whisperhead – Dark Commune Mindwitch

+5 Psychic

Gorecrawler – Greater Brass Scorpion
-5 Points, +20 Wounds, +20 Range, +20 Melee


Gork’s Foot – Goff Clan Stompa

+30 Wounds, +30 Range

Leagues of Votann

Vukha Seyr – Trans-Hyperian Alliance Hearthkyn Dozr
+5 Wounds, +5 Melee 

That’s it for this Season! The threat of Hive Fleet Leviathan is real as we break into 10th Edition, and look forward to seeing them on the battlefield. Keep a lookout for more news coming in the future and see you next time!