How does your miniature collection look?
As St. Patricks Day approaches, we want to start the festivities early with a community miniature painting challenge!

What does this mean?

Simply put, show us your most greenish or St Patrick Themed miniature!

What can you win and how?

Three winners will be selected from all participants by our team.
Each of them will get 743 coins and the following cards:

  • Seven copies of Shas’Vre Kai’leath 
  • Four copies of Master Lazarus 
  • Three copies of Slogoth Poxbelly.

What do you need to know?

  • One entry per player.
  • The miniatures must be from Warhammer 40k, not Horus Heresy or Age of Sigmar. They also must have the green colour or similar pigment in their composition.
  • Entries can be submitted until 20th March 8 AM GMT +0
  • Three winners will be selected, from all participants, by our team.
  • Winners will be announced on the 21st March after 6 PM GMT +0

Where can I submit my entry?

  • You can submit your entry on Facebook, Instagram or Discord.
  • You can submit it on Facebook by posting it in the comments section.
  • You can submit your picture on Instagram by following us, adding it to your story and tagging us.
  • You can submit your entry on the giveaway-contest-channel on Discord.

For inspiration and what miniatures you want to select, here are some miniatures painted by some Well Played Games team members!