We survived the server upgrade with all of our limbs, and without losing our sanity to the warp. Huzzah!

I’m Tom, the Designer on Combat Cards who’s taken over from Harry (MadEmp). Harry has moved on to a new project here at Well Played Games, but is still on hand for discussions on Combat Cards!

It’s time to look forward, and for me as a designer, it’s high time we returned to a topic which we have taken a break from Balancing. One of the goals we have with Combat Cards is for it to be a living game, with no redundant choices, and a plethora of opportunities when it comes to play style. We’re always asking ourselves what is considered ‘viable’.

That’s where the motivation for balancing has always come from, and with Secondary Traits now having had time to bed into the meta, the next balance pass is finally due, and will be landing with the next Season; Season 41.

We’ll target and reign in the absolute highest overachievers but mainly focus on bringing the less-loved members of your collections into the light. With comprehensive usage and battle data to draw on, we can be confident in the Warlords and Bodyguards that we identify as deserving of a lift.

As a general note; we don’t plan on doing Balance passes at the start of every single Season going forward. What we’ve found is that there simply isn’t enough time to accurately review a full Season, and have time to make adjustments for the very next Season. Instead, it’s more likely that we’ll end up doing passes every other Season or so. This way, we can be much more confident in the adjustments we’re making, and we also have more time and space to play-test said adjustments.

When will you get details about the S41 Balance Pass? Closer to the time of course! What I can say for now is that we will be looking to give some healthy buffs to the very bottom of the current Warlord meta, characters such as the Parasite of Mortrex and Illic Nightspear, with the aim of making them feel more impactful and exciting to compose a deck and play with.