This season we are having a slightly smaller balance change, with two new warlords coming out in quick succession at the end of the last year and a large number of changes to existing warlords it makes sense to give things a little time to even out more fully before the next major changes.

As such all traits and warlord special rules are remaining unchanged this season, and we have 16 bodyguard changes and 2 warlord changes.

The full details are as follows:


Commander Shadowsun – Heroine of the Third Sphere Expansion
Cost Change: 35 -> 33 (Down 2)

Kor’vesa #2207986 – Vior’la Sept MV33 Grav-Inhibitor Drone

Cost Change: 6 -> 5 (Down 1)

Servants of the Emperor:

Custodian Heracal – Adeptus Custodes Vertus Praetor

Stat Change: +20 Base Wounds, +6 Base Ranged, +6 Base Melee

Grathyogg – AStra Militarum Bullgryn

Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +7 Base Ranged

Espern Locarno – Imperial Navigator

Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, +3 Base Psychic

Pious Vorne – Missionary Zealot

Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds

Holsul – Wyrdvane Psyker

Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds

Space Marines:

Watch Captain Artemis – Deathwatch Watch Captain

Stat Change: +25 Base Wounds, +5 Base Ranged, +10 Base Melee

Sven Ironfist – Space Wolves Redemptor Dreadnought
Cost Change: 74 -> 68 (Down 6)

Brother Venix – Salamanders Ironclad Dreadnought

Upgrade Path Change: Lv.2 W -> M, Lv.3 M -> R

Fenrik Red-Eye – Space Wolves Aggressor

Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +10 Base Ranged, +5 Base Melee

Brother Gloccus – Ultramarines Suppressor

Stat Change: +9 Base Ranged

Brother Ishmael – Crimson Fists Company Champion
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +4 Base Melee

Jetek Suberei – Deathwatch Space Marine Biker

Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +5 Base Melee

Veteran-Sergeant Lysor – Imperial FIsts Intercessor

Stat Change: +10 Base Melee

Edryc Setorax – Deathwatch Vanguard Veteran

Stat Change: + 10 Base Wounds, +5 Base Melee


Honoured Gor’zrak – Red Corsairs Possessed
Stat Change: +15 Base Wounds


Hakka Buzzkill – Blood Axe Nob

Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds

Skullgob – Bad Moons Flash Git

Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, +8 Base Ranged

For those that missed the livestream or the subsequent hype in the forum and discord, we will be releasing a new warlord this Friday, Logan Grimnar! We’re very excited to see a melee focused Warlord for Space Marines and to see Logan join the game! By the All-Father!