Welcome to another Developer Update! Version 30.0 should be appearing in an app store near you very soon, and we’re excited about the new feature it brings, and what it means for the future.

Introducing Player Profiles

Player Profiles are a new feature to Combat Cards, giving you all sorts of information about you and your progress in the game. In this release, the profile gives you information such as your total wins, number of cards discovered, and even your favourite Warlord! In future updates we’ll be including more stats including recent decks, Ranked mode stats and more. Player Profiles will also become even more useful when Clans are introduced as you’ll be able to see your clan mate’s progress and invite people to your clan!


Player Profiles are full of useful information about you, but what if you want to show off the faction you love to other players? Well now you can with Customisation!

Don’t worry about that bit at the bottom of the picture…

Recently we changed the way your name is displayed on your front screen and in battles, and the reason for this was to pave the way for Customisation, which will allow you to change the appearance of what we call the ‘Name Plate’ with a number of different features. To start with, you’ll earn a new Avatar with every Warlord that you unlock, so you can change yours from the Combat Cards logo to your favourite faction’s champion! You’ll also earn a new Title as you progress through the ranks, starting from an Aspirant all the way up to Captain.

As you can see from the concept art above, there are other Avatars, Titles, and other cosmetic items like Banners and Borders that will be arriving in the game in due time. These will be available from a number of activities in future, and can be seen by other players during battles! There are other cosmetic item categories that we’re planning to release at a later date that we’re very excited about, but more on those in a future update.

Some early concept art for cosmetic banners

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing stutters to happen after different actions
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to stop receiving notifications after an update
  • The XP bar should now fill up correctly after upgrading cards or claiming objectives

Known Issues

  • The game can sometimes hang for an amount of time after resuming from background
  • Sometimes the game can get stuck with the loading icon if users upgrade a card through multiple levels in quick succession
  • Some items in the Shop incorrectly display a popup stating that an item has already been purchased
  • The background shrinks when opening windows on some devices
  • Numerous trait issues (see update below)
  • iOS account linking not functioning

What’s Next?

The team are hard at work on a number of requested features (some of which might have been hinted at earlier. Did you miss it?) but the one we’re testing currently is the improved battle system that we have mentioned in previous updates. Not only does this open up a number of exciting opportunities for new gameplay, but it also gives us the ability to fix the various issues with Traits and Special Rules that you will have undoubtedly experienced before. It will also allow us to introduce more varied Traits and Special Rules, and of course you can’t have new Special Rules without new Warlords, right? More on this soon…

We’re also in the process of going through another balance pass on cards, so should have a separate update on this once the changes have been confirmed.


Finally, don’t forget that April 29th signals the start of our Exultation event; a celebration of all things Combat Cards! This includes a whole week of:

  • Brand new cards
  • Daily missions
  • Daily giveaways
  • Double rewards in your Kill Packs and Free Packs
  • An exclusive Eisenhorn giveaway – Anyone who opens a Kill Pack during the event will be entered into a draw at the end of the event to win one of 500 Gregor Eisenhorn cards. This character is usually only available at conventions and other events so be sure to take part, and good luck!

Why not head over to our in-game forums, r/WarhammerCombatCards, and Discord for discussion and let us know what you’re looking forward to?

You can also get in touch via our Facebook page, leaving a comment here, or mailing [email protected].