As the community has completely smashed this challenge by finding all 15 references in less than half the available time, we thought we’d extend it and see if you guys can deal with some really obscure references.

To that end we’re adding these five new cards to the challenge, and a fourth prize card that everyone will get if the five new cards are solved in time. The time limit remains the same – midday on Friday 13th December.

So, as before try to find the reference we used to name these five new cards, pointing out the publication we took the names from. Submit your answes as comments to this blog post. Good luck!Original post:

Rather than this week’s planned faction catch-up (which will return next week with the Tyranids) I thought it would be fun to mark the 100th blog post with a challenge for the community – a chance to prove the depths of your Warhammer 40,000 knowledge and win free cards for everyone.


As mentioned in previous posts, wherever possible the names we give the characters on our cards come from Games Workshop, with the team only creating brand new names for characters that don’t usually have them – such as the Tyranids.

The names we use come from a whole range of GW references, stretching all the way back to Rogue Trader (first-edition 40K), right up to the latest releases. So my challenge to the community is to tell me where we got the names for these 15 cards from:

Every one of these characters has a name that’s in some way a reference from 40K, and while it should be pretty easy to work out where some of these references are from others will require some serious nerd knowledge!


As some of the references are going to be pretty difficult to find we’re going to split the potential prizes up into three tiers, so the more the community get right the more cards everyone receives. And the potential cards everyone can earn are:


So how does all this work? 

  • Starting from now, try and work out where we got the names of the 15 cards shown above. Don’t worry about their subtitles – just the names.

  • Post your answers as comments to this blog post – discussing it on other sites is absolutely cool but only answers below will be counted.

  • The answers need to be reasonably specific when citing where we got the reference from. Something vague like ‘an issue of White Dwarf’ won’t cut it, but the specific issue is good.

  • For example, you might post Brother Gabriel ‘Broken Knife’’s name is from Codex T’au Empire (by the way, don’t worry about the ‘Brother Gabriel’ bit from his name, and, yes, that is a clue).

  • Feel free to make as many guesses for each card name as you like, there’s no penalty for wrong answers.

  • It doesn’t matter who submits the answers – only that someone does so. Every player will receive the same prizes, so it’s up to the combined Warhammer Combat Cards community to unlock the cards for everyone.

  • The cut off is midday UK time next Friday – the 13th December 2019. That gives you just over a week. Answers after that point won’t be counted.

  • A week after that (Friday 20th December) blog post 102 will reveal how many you guys got right and share all the answers.

  • On the same date a ‘Community Challenge’ pack will appear inside the Combat Cards game, which everyone can ‘buy’ for free to receive the prize cards. So if the community finds 5 of the card name references the free pack will contain one card prize, if you get 10 correct the pack will have two prizes and all 15 correct means it will have three prizes.

  • Once you’ve claimed the free Community Challenge pack the cards in it will appear in your collection and the game will start giving you duplicates of them like any other card.

  • Prize cards that don’t get added to the pack may be added to the game at some later date but we have no plans to do that right now.


Good luck with the challenge, I wasn’t kidding when I said that some of these references will be seriously difficult to find, so I’m predicting 5 or 10 will be found but not all 15.

I hope you guys find this a fun challenge, in which case we’ll look at running it again for blog post 200, but that’s way off in the (grim, dark) future of 2021.

If you have any questions on how the challenge works you can get in touch by leaving a comment below, through our Facebook page or by mailing [email protected] (but remember, only answers posted as comments below will be counted towards the results). Also, if you’d like to follow our posts through RSS you can use this link:  https://www.combatcards.com/feed/