Greetings, Citizens,

From the fervent piety of the Adepta Sororitas, we find ourselves now amidst the equally zealous, if more insidious, Genestealer Cults!

With the light touch of last season’s changes, we’ve had a chance to reflect on the more dramatic adjustments of previous balance updates. We have now reached what may be one of the most balanced states of the game so far. There is now less than a 1% incremental difference between Warlords’ win rates (i.e., a Warlord’s higher and lower neighbours are within 1% of each other). This means we can more confidently adjust the lowest-performing Warlord each month, which is what we’ll be doing this season (with a bonus stealth buff to another).

For bodyguards, this also means we can continue implementing “Faction Focus” buffs and performing a few spot checks here and there. With that, let’s dive into this month’s changes!


The Tyranids are having a resurgence at the moment, which fits perfectly with the Genestealer Cults theme! That said, there’s always room for improvement, and we have a buff for 7 bodyguards, including the mentioned stealth Warlord buff.

Specimen: LV-092-RA-ΨHive Fleet Leviathan Termagant (Tervigon Token)
+10 Wounds, +4R

A buff in power to the Tervigon’s Termagants is realistically the lever we have to pull when it comes to balancing. With the Parasite being the current Tyranid “big bad,” the Tervigon has dropped somewhat in effectiveness, and the Termagant is now in line with other rare cards of similar cost (bonus points to anyone who can tell me the listed cost on the card!). Extra staying power and extra damage (especially with Precision Shot) should make a noticeable difference offensively and defensively, and this impact is multiplied by the number of deployments you can get!

The First CursePurestrain Genestealer
+7 Melee

The small Fear cards either struggle with not having enough health to make the most of their Fear ability or not having enough damage to capitalise on their slightly extended time on the field. With a damage boost, the Genestealer should deliver a more meaningful punch in the crowded space of 10-point-or-less Tyranid cards.

Specimen: LV-021-SB-D – Hive Fleet Leviathan Neurogaunt Nodebeast
-1 Cost

Neurogaunts are not the most intimidating fighters, so buffing the Nodebeast’s stats seemed misplaced. Instead, at 5 points, it now offers an interesting choice as a quick throwaway Inspiring Presence card, perfect for slotting into your small, heavy-monster decks!

Gulaxos Klynesmoth – Genestealer Cults Biophagus
+4 Range, +4 Melee

The good doctor has been an auto-include for a very long time by virtue of being the only Medicae card available to the faction. However, with the Ripper Swarm now serving that purpose at a cheaper price point, the doctor has suffered a bit. His high cost offsetting his usefulness is somewhat less warranted now. So, with a decent all-around attack buff, he can now be considered much more lethal as a medic than the Rippers, justifying the price difference.

Orthan TrysstGenestealer Cults Magus
+6 Psychic
Trait Change: Psychic Link/Inspiring Presence -> Inspiring Presence/Warp Surge

Nothing is more iconic than the Cult Magus, but due to his reliance on Psychic Link and the limited number of Cult Psykers, he was rarely seen leading any Cultists. By swapping Inspiring Presence to his primary trait and replacing Psychic Link with Warp Surge, he becomes a much more versatile card. With Psychic ready on melee and range, he can support the wider Cults roster while charging up his own devastating attack.

Galakos and Meloth – Genestealer Cults Heavy Weapons Team
-2 Cost

Galokos and Meloth’s rocket launcher has always been very effective; however, at a price point of 17, it often found itself in the middle ground of not being cheap enough or overshadowed by bigger options. At the end of the day, it is just two Cultists with a most likely stolen rocket launcher, so a cheaper price point seemed the way to go.


Stalking Silence – Szarekhan Dynasty Canoptek Stalker
-2 Cost

Another card that seems a bit too pricey for what it delivers, so a quick reduction in cost should allow the spindly doom walker to blast enemies on the field without overly burdening the hyperphase deployment engine!

Servants of the Emperor:

Damien 1427 – Adeptus Ministorum Arco-Flagellant
+4 Cost, +35 Wounds, +10 Melee

Small Berserkers often struggle, and for good reason. Instead of minor adjustments, considering the abundance of cheaper Servants cards, Damien is undergoing a slight rework with a notable increase in attack and wounds for a slight increase in points. With nearly 150 wounds for 8 points, he should be able to rack up several Berserk charges at a still very affordable price point.

Space Marine:

Horgan Steelsoul – Space Wolves Iron Priest
+3 Cost, +10 Range, +10 Melee

Similarly, we’re implementing a soft “rework” for the Iron Priest by elevating it from the lower end of Space Marine costs towards the beginning of the mid-tier, while also enhancing its offensive stats. This adjustment aims to enhance the effectiveness of the Big Game Hunter boost, making the Iron Priest a more efficient and effective can-opener.

Several Seraphan – Blood Angels Jump Pack Intercessor Sergeant
Trait Change: Furious Charge -> Scout

While still a relatively new card, the Blood Angels Sergeant initially didn’t offer much that was innovative. Space Marines already have numerous options for Furious Charge. Therefore, we decided to activate his Jump Pack and grant him Scout, a trait typically accessible to Space Marines only at their lowest point costs, especially for Melee.

Severus Agemman – Ultramarines Captain in Terminator Armour
Trait Change: Anti-Infantry -> Precision Shot

This unique trait combo is making a return for the Terminator Captain. Players rightfully pointed out that while not everyone’s preference, it was certainly unique and interesting. Given the good state of balance, having diversity in card options is all the more crucial. Therefore, reverting back to the Furious Charge/Precision Shot combo feels like the right decision.


The Masque
Quicksilver Quickness:
While friendly cards are above 50 -> 40% Wounds they attack first when defending.

Currently at the bottom of the ladder is The Masque, and so she is receiving a buff. While players can certainly achieve success with her, optimal deck builds can often feel limited. Furthermore, with the release of the Lion, the unique “attack first” mechanic is no longer unique, leading players interested in that flavour to explore other options. By increasing this threshold, The Masque reclaims her position as the premier force with this ability. More importantly, being below the 50% threshold now allows lower wound cards to better benefit from this rule.


Skullgob – Bad Moons Clan Flash Gits
+10 Range

Flash Gitz are the authority when it comes to dakka but that isn’t the case for Skullgob, until now. With a significant bump in range, combined with his Precision Shot his Snazzgun should be roarin’ right proper now.

And that’s it for this season! A diversity of buffs to both bodyguards and warlords, all in a relatively condensed package. All the more to lull you into a false sense of security before Ascension Day!