Greetings, Citizens,

This season, as the shadows of the Night Lords fade, we are drawn into the radiant brilliance of Morvenn Vahl.

Although the changes this time around are relatively modest as we assess the impact of last season, especially after changing traits, so without further delay, let’s dive into what’s in store:

Servants of the Emperor:

Sister Bacharia – Adepta Sororitas Retributor
-2 Cost, 11 -> 9

Sister Bacharia is a classic card that relies heavily on its Shields to bring value, but at 11pts and mono attack, it may be too expensive for what it offers. 

Amalia Novena – Adepta Sororitas Sister Superior

Another iconic Sisters card. While decent as a road block, like many older shield cards, such as the recently adjusted Custodes, it doesn’t have meaningful attack stats to back it up.

Palatine Erika Lumina – Adepta Sororitas Palatine
+5R, +5M

Similar to the other shield cards, it fails to deliver much damage. 

Prisoner #01159004151 – Penitent Engine
-2 Cost, 51 -> 49

Another classic that is slowly being replaced and only keeping up due to the level most players will have it at. Therefore, a slight cost reduction is more than fair. 

Junith Erutia – Adepta Sororitas Canoness Superior
+6R, Barrage/IP -> IP/Barrage

At the price point, most barrage cards deliver a big punch, and given her Inspiring Presence is a secondary trait, the buff is often overruled by other more focused Inspiring cards. So swapping Inspiring and Barrage around in her trait list and upping her Ranged should make her more viable in various roles.