Greetings, citizens,

We hope everyone had a blast during Skulls. Version 37.22 is now live, setting the stage for the upcoming Supreme Commander.

  • We’re making some small changes to the optional adverts in-game, so that these will be available more frequently going forwards.
  • Groundwork for the upcoming Supreme Commander
  • New mechanic for Warlords/Supreme Commanders – Battle Tokens

Introducing Battle Tokens – an exhilarating new mechanic for select Warlords and Supreme Commanders! Accumulate Battle Tokens through various in-game actions, and experience the thrill as each token carries a chance to unleash powerful effects. Strategize your gameplay and watch as these tokens turn the tide of battle. This mechanic will be debuted by a new Supreme Commander in the coming weeks, but is something we’ll look to use more going forwards. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on Battle Tokens when the next Supreme Commander is unleashed!