Greetings, citizens,

Version 37.18 has arrived! Before diving into the specifics of the patch notes, we’re excited to announce that we’ve tackled the infamous Warlord killshot bug. It’s been quite the journey, but we’re pleased to confirm that a fix has been implemented. Without further delays, let’s delve into what else this update brings:


  • More groundwork for upcoming supreme commanders.  


  • You can now search cards by their character number.
  • New app icon for Shadowsun. 

Bug Fixes

  • A fix was sent for the infamous Warlord killshot bug. We are pretty confident it’s fixed, but we need your help to prove it! If you still encounter the warlord killshot bug after this update, please record and submit a ticket. The first to prove us wrong gets a legendary surprise.
  • Fixed an issue where, after watching an advertisement, players were required to restart the game to claim rewards.
  • Profile and inbox buttons are no longer missing. 
  • Cards are no longer restricted by their border. Everyone is free again.