Greetings, citizens,

We just added a fresh batch of cards to the general pool, including the most wanted Gobbo – the Red Gobbo. Without further delay, here’s what’s new:

Recently Added:

Da Red Gobbo
Hero of the Da Revolushun

Gorzag Gitstompa
Nob Outta Time

Bounca and Da Red Gobbo
Da Bouncin’ Revolushun

Bad Moons Clan Mek

Raven’s Reckoning
Dark Angels Land Speeder Vengeance

Carrier of Suffering
Drukhari Tantalus

Ymmê the Intrepid
Trans-Hyperian Alliance Jump Pack Warrior

Tôryk Hyrthka
Trans-Hyperian Alliance Hearthkyn Gunner

Vûkha Sêyr
Trans-Hyperian Alliance Hearthkyn Dôzr

Hyvôr Stôyk
Trans-Hyperian Alliance Hearthkyn Grenadier

Tôk Gâard
Trans-Hyperian Alliance Hearthkyn Lugger

Slathox the Ur-twyst
Fellgor Ravager Deathknell

Knaucrix Fyre-eyes
Fellgor Ravager Shaman

Hukr Blighthorn
Fellgor Ravager Toxhorn

Khazrak the Wargor
Fellgor Ravager Vandal

Lieutenant Rithiel
Dark Angels Ravenwing Talonmaster

Ultramarines Land Raider

Hive Fleet Leviathan Tyrannofex

Mutalith Vortex Beast

Dohra’ohk Kyrek
Kroot Farstalker with Londaxii Tribalest

Gohk’ah Ga’ah
Kroot Farstalker with Pech’ra

Dohra’to Tohrrok
Kroot Farstalker

Tehkgrok Ch’choh
Kroot Kill-broker