Citizens, we have some exciting news that will change your gameplay experience. Our team has been working hard to craft a change that will open up a realm of possibilities for your battles.

As you may know, Warlord rules are traditionally only applied to cards from the same faction. This restriction often left players yearning for more strategic freedom when combining cards from multiple factions. We have decided to break free from faction-specific Warlord rules. From now on, Warlord rules will apply to any friendly cards in your deck, regardless of their faction. This change aims for a more dynamic and engaging experience.

Why Remove Faction Restrictions from Warlord Rules?

We decided to remove faction restrictions to improve battles in two key ways:

Diversified Campaigns

Mix and match factions as they ally during campaigns, unlocking new challenges and strategies. Going forward, we’re looking to offer more opportunities for you to combine factions here.

Improved Casual Mode

Casual play is about to get a whole lot more interesting! As before, you can experiment with allied factions, introducing an element of surprise and strategy to every match. All your cards will now benefit from your warlord rule, regardless of their faction!

These are the only areas of the game where we’ll be combining factions, so Ranked and Apocalypse modes will continue to be faction-specific. So, get ready to try out new strategies and unlock the full potential of your decks.

We want to thank you for being part of our community – your feedback keeps us on our toes, always working to improve things.

Please note that these changes will go out on the 18th of January, after the scheduled server maintenance.