Greetings, citizens,

We understand the challenges that come with collecting and upgrading cards. Therefore, we have made some changes in our Card Shop to make the desired cards more accessible for all players. Let’s dive into the details:  

Introducing a Dynamic Pricing Model

Moving away from a fixed card price model, we’re implementing a dynamic structure where initial purchases are discounted, gradually increasing to the standard price. Let’s dive into the details:

Common Cards: 

Coin value: We’ve updated the pricing structure for Common Cards, starting at 10 coins per copy and gradually scaling up to 40 coins per copy.

Plasma value: The plasma price has also seen a reduction, now starting from 9 plasma per copy.  

40 coins 10 coins5
40 coins20 coins5
40 coins30 coins8
40 coins40 coins8
13.33 plasma9 plasma10
13.33 plasma12 plasma10

Rare Cards:

Coin value: the cost per copy has been restructured, reducing their price to 100 coins and gradually increasing to 120/150 coins per copy.

Plasma value:  We’ve reduced the plasma price starting from 37.5 and gradually increasing.

150 coins100 coins1
150 coins120 coins1
150 coins150 coins2
50 plasma37.5 plasma2
50 plasma40 plasma4
50 plasma4

Epic Cards: 

Plasma value: We’ve also made significant changes to Epic Cards, reducing the price per copy to 75 plasma.

150 plasma75 plasma1
150 plasma100 plasma2
150 plasma120 plasma2
150 plasma150 plasma2

Adjustments in Card Availability

Common Cards: A slight reduction in total daily copies available.

Rare Cards: We’ve increased the total copies available from 10 to 14.

Epic Cards: We’ve increased the total copies available from 6 to 7.

We believe these changes will streamline the process of collecting and upgrading your cards, making it easier for all players to enjoy the game. We understand the importance of easy access to the cards you need to succeed in your adventures, and we hope that these adjustments will improve your experience. 

Thank you for being part of our community! We will keep monitoring the economy, and as always, we value your feedback, so please do not hesitate to share them with us!