Heading from the fiery plains of Nocturne, we head into a new season coming into realspace, ready to pillage and plunder. Drukhari season is upon us!

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the changes:

Balance Changes


Kaethr Stryxx – Drukhari Scourge

+5 Range

Adding a bit of additional firepower will help Kaethr stand out amongst the many Aeldari ranged outflankers.

Iyanna Areinal – Craftworld Saim-Hann Spiritseet

Warp Surge -> Medicae, +8 Psychic

Aeldari psykers have no issue with raw offensive power, so changing up Iyanna to match the healing element of a spirit seer and provide more utility to the Aeldari psyker decks makes her a much more valuable card! Taking utility cards in a psychic deck often breaks synergies so now the fragile Aeldari psykers should have a little more staying power without having to sacrifice offence!

Screamrender – Drukhari Clawed Fiend

+15 Wounds, +5 Melee

If there’s one thing Berserks want more of, its wounds. Bring Screamrender up to top 200s in wounds should make it a formidable threat that needs dealing with quickly.

Drazhar – Master of Blades

+10 Wounds, +5 Melee

The Master of Blades is ready to take heads, and with the 400-point mode right around the corner, there should be plenty to take with his Big Game Hunter. A small buff should be all he needs to make him into the champion of carnage he is.

Lifetheif – Drukhari Cronos Parasite Engine

+20 Wounds, +3 Range, +3 Melee

Despite being a powerful all-rounder, and relatively strong for a medicae card, Lifethier has had issues with staying on the field too long, so a good bump and a small buff to attacks should round it out better as more than just a utility piece.

Azadaar Silverhelm – Shining Spear Aspect Warrior

-2 Cost

Azadaar regularly struggles to find a spot in Aeldari decks, so reducing his cost should make him easier to slot in.

Deliquescence – Drukhair Talos Pain Engine

+11 Range, +11 Melee

Despite the name, Deliquescence has not been bringing the pain. With a significant increase in both attack types, it should now live up to its name.


This season Necrons are in a healthy position as a faction, with all cards having a reasonable amount of play and good win-rates.


Kor’vesa #001931 – Vior’la Sept MB3 Recon Drone

-1 Cost

One of the more expensive of the drones and with hot competition for a Target Acquired slot the Recon Drone is currently bottom of the pile. A small cost reduction should be all it needs to put it in a position to compete.

Servants of the Emperor:

Skoni Walker-Psi9107 – Adeptus Mechanicus Sydonian Dragoon

+15 Melee

Giving the Dragoon a more punchy stat line lets it maximise on its scout trait, and makes it feel more like the lancer that it is.

Carnivore – House Terryn Armiger Helverin

+10 Range

With a high-cost Barrage card like this, you want to make sure its bringing enough firepower to justify that cost. With a sizable buff to its range, it should more easily find a place as a powerful damage dealer.

Space Marines:

Brother Ezekiel ‘Cloud Runner’ – Dark Angels Deathwing Terminator

+10 Wounds, +5 Range, +5 Melee

An all-around buff should help Ezekiel be more viable in what is the competitive placement of mid-20s cost Space Marines.

Hammer of Titan – Nemesis Dreadknight

Furious Charge -> Big Game Hunter, +5 Range, +5 Psychic, +5 Melee

After a long time, the Hammer is getting back Big Game Hunter along with a general attack boost. With Big Game Hunter, it can go back to hunting greater daemons with ease and just in time for the release of the 400pt game mode.


Icaan the Shriven – Accursed Cultist Mutant

+10 Wounds, +5 Melee

Being a low-cost Chaos card is a hard life, so a small bump in wounds to make the most of his Regeneration and a bit of extra punch should help the rampant mutations feel like the blessings they truly are.

Horticulous Slimux – The Grand Cultivator of Nurgle

+10 Melee

While the giant land snail has never had any issue with staying on the field, its damage output has been a bit underwhelming. A decent attack buff should give it a bit more utility than just a roadblock.

Ughulax – Black Legion Daemon Prince

+30 Wounds

For a 40+ point card, Ughulax hasn’t been sticking around as long as he should be, so a sizable bump in Wounds should see him on the field for longer and make the most of his Inspiring Presence. 


Gitslasha – Snakebite Clan Nob on Smasha Squig

-1 Cost, +5 Melee

A small bump in melee to make the most of his Furious Charge, and a slight reduction in cost should see Gitslasha competing more in the Orks choices for offensive melee cards.


No changes for the Tyranids again as they remain with a solid internal pick and win rate, with each warlord getting a fairly even amount of play and with a general mix of bodyguards being used.

Leagues of Votann:

While still getting the least amount of games in by some margin, it’s hard to pick cards for balance. That said, when they are being taken out, they seem to be performing strongly, leaving little concern or need for changes currently.