Greetings, Citizens,

We’re very excited to bring you our Autumn/Winter roadmap! We know you’ve been looking for more visibility on what we’re working on, so here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the coming months. We’ve broken this out into a Development roadmap and a Content roadmap, and these come with the usual caveat – these are our plans, but sometimes things can change. 

Development Roadmap


There’s a lot here to be excited about. We know that the campaign energy system has its flaws, and we’re working on a different version of this which should be fairer across the board. This will involve giving players X energy daily. The energy refreshes every 24h, at 12:00 UTC. Players will be able to play X times whenever they want within the 24h span. We expect that this change alone could worsen the fastest finger scoring issue, so we’ll be rolling out a new iteration of the scoring system at the same time.

The permanent 400 point game mode is one of our headline features for this period. We’ve been running an increasing amount of Apocalypse live events, but we want you to always have somewhere to take your biggest armies to war. We’ll share more in a dedicated blog post when this is closer to release.

The other headliner is Detachment Rules – this is still a way off, so we won’t be sharing much on this yet, but we expect it to be the biggest change in the game for a long time.

In addition, we’ll be removing the faction restriction from Warlord rules – this will make mixing factions more effective in Casual mode and in mixed faction campaigns. Ranked mode will be unaffected by this change. We’ll also be making some improvements to the AI, primarily to make it a bit smarter and give a more compelling game experience.

Visual/Quality of Life changes

These are a bit more self-explanatory, but we want to tweak how cards are displayed to make more information available on the smaller card you see in battle and in the collection screen. There are also some improvements we’d like to make to the shop, such as adding subtabs to make navigation easier. Finally, we want to make it much easier to tell which cards are available in the general pool.

Speeding up game experience

We want you to enjoy your time in Warhammer Combat Cards as much as possible, and sometimes that means speeding up some parts of the game so that you can focus on others. We’ll be introducing a ‘Skip’ option for the screen you see when you’re receiving cards. This will allow you to skip through the pages and pages you receive, e.g., at the end of a season, and will present you with a summary screen instead. Likewise, when upgrading a card, we’re going to make an option available to upgrade multiple levels at once. The biggest change here (and a long-requested feature) is the ability to speed up battles. Whether you’re on your break at work and need to get through your battles quickly, or you want to enjoy the animations, you’ll be able to play at your own pace. 

Content Roadmap

The key takeaway here is that going forward, we’ll be aligning our content plans with Games Workshop’s Codex releases – you can see in the roadmap how these will shape our battle pass plans. We’ve always pushed ourselves to have the latest minis in Warhammer Combat Cards when they’re being released by Games Workshop, and with the huge amount of content they have planned, we’re really doubling down on this. 

The items here that will probably grab the most attention are the Supreme Commander releases. That’s right, these cards are going to be ownable! They’ll be getting a rebalance so they fit in with other cards, but you can probably already see how the new permanent 400-point game mode opens up a lot of opportunities for Supreme Commanders. We’ll release these during the season/battle pass celebrating their respective Codex releases. 

In the coming months, we’re also going to start working with 40k influencers to promote the game – this is something we haven’t done before, so keep your eyes peeled for us! To add a bit of spice to campaigns, we’ll be introducing some new modifiers too. 

Finally, in the shop, we’ll be introducing Combat Patrol packs, which will mirror the physical Combat Patrol packs you can buy from Games Workshop. These will be heavily discounted bundles and will unlock slowly for newer players, whilst being available immediately for veteran players. These will also be introduced alongside a change to speed up accumulating deck points and deck slots for new players. 

As always, let us know what you think of what you’ve seen here. We’re really excited about the Autumn/Winter period, and hopefully, you’ve seen something here to be excited about, too.