In honour of Warhammer Combat Cards’ 4th anniversary, we present the ultimate meme-making challenge!

The Mission:

🎨 Craft a Warhammer Combat Cards-themed meme.

🎨 Share it in our Discord channel.

🎨 Unleash the fun and battle for glory!

How to Enter:

1️⃣ Join our official Warhammer Combat Cards Discord > Link Here

2️⃣ Find the #meme-challenge channel. > Link here

3️⃣ Submit your meme by 19th August.

The Verdict:

Our dedicated team will be the arbiters of wit and humour! We will handpick the best memes and grant rewards to the most humorous and original entries. 🏆 Our team will select 5 winners, and they will be announced by August 21st.

The Rewards:

  1. The Commissar’s Duty
  2. Utorian Denash
  3. Phrenzyx Shatterhowl
  4. Colm Corbec
  5. Azadaar Silverhelm

Please note that the following rewards contain a redeemable code.

Whether you’re a Space Marine or a Chaos Lord, bring your meme game, and let’s celebrate 4 years of epic battles together!