Engage in thrilling skirmishes, conquer mighty foes, and revel in the glory of war. Assemble your forces, summon your allies, and let the chaos unfold.

Are you prepared for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Warhammer Skulls? Are you ready to claim victory and etch your name in the annals of the damned? The war begins now!

Our Warhammer Skulls festivities have begun with daily rewards and campaigns spanning across all in-game factions and are the following:

Part I – Preparations for War

Day 1 -Sororitas- Servants of the Emperor vs. Aeldari
Modifiers such as Even Playing Field, Special Requisitions and the Warlords and bodyguards you can use are only Sororitas cards.

Day 2 -He That Walks Unseen- T’au vs. Orks
Modifiers such as Even Playing Field, Special Requisitions, and Boarding Actions are in place!

Part II – Warhammer Skulls Event begins!

Day 3 -Azrael- Space Marines vs. Orks
The Supreme Commander of the Dark Angels makes his appearance! Even Playing Field and Special Requisitions modifiers are in place.

Day 4 -The Battle of Port Demersus- Aeldari vs. Space Marines
Even Playing Field and Battle Scars modifiers are in place, the stakes of the battles are higher, and as such, strikes to this campaign are reduced four to three!

Day 5 -The Verge of Collapse- Tyranid vs. Chaos
Even Playing Field and Cut Off the Head modifiers are in place.

Day 6 -The Green Ghost- Orks vs Servants of the Emperor
Even Playing Field, Special Requisitions, and Apocalypse modifiers are in place.

Part III – The final days of War

Day 7The Silent King- makes his appearance! Necron vs. Tyranid
This campaign will be Warlord locked, meaning you will have Szarekh to use with modifiers such as Even Playing Field, Special Requisitions and Apocalypse in use.

Day 8 -The Battle of Torg- Chaos vs. Votann
Modifiers such as Even Playing Field and Aura of Rage are in use.

Day 9 -Bloody Minded- PvP Event
Our nine day long event finishes in all-out war!
Choose your desired faction and battle against other players in this PvP event.

Please note the following for these campaigns:

– Daily packs can be redeemed for FREE in the shop section of the game.
– Each campaign will have a different reward track and can only be claimed once.
– You will have 24 hours to complete each campaign when it starts.
Each campaign is designed to be different than the previous one(s) and as such, different factions and modifiers will be present.

We hope you will enjoy these events and celebrate with us this annual celebration in the universe of Warhammer!