Hello Citizens,

Today marks the end of the Deathwatch Season, and with it comes the beginning of World Eaters Season. The eagle-eyed among you may notice that the likes of Commander Farsight and Boss Snikrot are sporting their very latest and very shiny looking new sculpts!

We are also releasing a new update, version 36.8 of the game, which contains:

  • Various bug fixes and improvements for the day-to-day usage of the game.
  • Customer Support pop-up.
  • Brand new Community Link button! Make sure to follow us on our social media to get some additional rewards!
  • Display of cosmetic rewards in live events.
  • New Title as the top reward of Ranked mode.

Only a few words at the front of this balance pass – last season’s was largely very successful in shifting the meta and creating a larger pool of used cards. As we move forward, we look to do more of the same! Obviously there are still a few points of focus to the pass, and this time I want to call out attention to the likes of Skulltaker and KHORNE! BLOOD FOR THE BLOO-… Sorry.. I got a little distracted there.

Skulltaker has long enjoyed a very healthy play-rate, across all levels and arenas. At odds with this though, he also has one of the absolute lowest win-rates. What this tells us is that Skulltaker is a very enjoyable and desirable Warlord to play, but maybe his decks are simply not able to compete with the stronger options out there. So we’ve made a concerted effort to boost the thematic Skulltaker deck in a way that will help it to achieve a healthy win-rate, not only a healthy play-rate.

As always there are a host of other changes to Warlords and Bodyguards, listed out in full below!

Warlord Rule Adjustments:

Zodgrod Wortsnagga

Pick on Somegit Yer Own Size: Boost increased to 15%, from 10%

Card Stat Adjustments:


Darkstrider, He that Walks Unseen

+3 Points

Servants of the Emperor

Pious Vorne, Missionary Zealot

-4 Ranged, +20 Wounds

Hieronomous Tezla, Tech-Priest Manipulus

-2 Points

Junith Eruita, Adepta Sororitas Canoness Superior

+5 Ranged, +16 Melee

Scythe of Mars, Questor Mechanicus Knight Moirax

-2 Points

Space Marines

Brother-Sergeant Midael, Dark Angels Assault Sergeant

+10 Wounds

Brother Zephrael, Dark Angels Ravenwing Biker

+10 Ranged, -1 Point

Brother-Lieutenant Zakariah, Dark Angels Primaris Lieutenant

+6 Melee, +6 Ranged

Mephiston, Blood Angels Chief Librarian

-13 Wounds, +2 Points

Astorath the Grim, Blood Angels Redeemer of the Lost

-15 Wounds, +2 Points

Master Lazarus, Master of the Dark Angels 5th Company

+9 Ranged

Initiate Modred, Black Templars Primaris Initiate

+7 Melee, -1 Points

Baastan Zweihann, Black Templars Primaris Castellan

+15 Wounds, -2 Points


Heartrender, Bloodletter of Khorne

+3 Melee, -3 Wounds

2nd Stat Upgrade: Wounds -> Melee

5th Stat Upgrade: Wounds -> Melee

6th Stat Upgrade: Melee -> Wounds

7th Stat Upgrade: Wounds -> Melee

Khan’zhar The Red, Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster

+20 Melee, -7 Points

Kraztus the Blessed, Chaos Spawn

+13 Wounds, -1 Points

Kharn the Betrayer, World Eaters Champion

-3 Points

Kzorgoth the Cleaver, Bloodcrusher of Khorne

+13 Wounds

Slogoth Poxbelly, Great Unclean One of Nurgle

+9 Wounds, -2 Points

Karanak, Khornate Hound of Vengeance

+30 Wounds

Skulltaker, Khorne’s Immortal Champion

-4 Points

Syll’Esske, The Vengeful Allegiance

+2 Points

Korbadash, Khorne Berzerker

+10 Wounds, -2 Points

Huron Blackheart, Tyrant of Badab

+2 Points

Uthren, House Khymere War Dog Karnivore

+5 Melee, +10 Wounds

4th Stat Upgrade: Ranged -> Melee


Enforcer of Edicts, Triarch Praetorian

-2 Points

Enforcer of Vengeance, Triarch Praetorian

-2 Points

Ulthakar, Szarekhan Skorpekh Destroyer Lord

-4 Points

Sibilant Executioner, Szarekhan Dynasty Ophydian Destroyer

+6 Melee, +18 Wounds


Skullgob, Bad Moons Clan Flash Git

+25 Wounds

Turbokrumpa, Bad moons Clan Nob Warbiker

1st Stat Upgrade: Ranged -> Melee


Lathrangil, Harlequin Solitaire

+2 Points

Kayduin, Craftworld Mymeara Wraithseer

+15 Melee

The Visarch, Blade of Ynnead

-3 Points

Screamrender, Drukhari Clawed Fiend

+28 Wounds

Tormentbringer, Drukhari Ravager

+12 Ranged

Whew, there we go! Quite the raft of changes. Now some of you may have noticed that some factions have not received any changes at all, and this is not a mistake. There are a few factions which are looking much healthier than others when it comes to internal balance, and with a pass happening only last season it makes more sense to focus in on the specific areas that are most in need of changes.

Enough talk,