You are not going to Warhammer Fest? No worries, WarhammerFest is coming to you!

As one of the most anticipated Warhammer-related events is arriving, we will host a series of unique online daily giveaways and crusades before, during and after it begins.

While most of the team will be at our WarhammerFest booth, we want to ensure this event is celebrated online as well.

These celebrations will begin this Friday with the release of brand-new cards, daily packs and one-day campaigns with plenty of rewards to obtain them.

The format of these campaigns is inspired by the Arks of Omen: Vashtorr book series and are as follows:

Part I -28th April to 1st of May 2023: Warlord Locked Roboute Guilliman

Control Roboute Guilliman and strike down the forces of Chaos.

Day 1 – War for the Rock – Blood Angel Event, the bodyguards you can use are only Blood Angel cards.

Day 2 – Scour the Darkness – new allies join the fight, you can use for the second event both Dark Angels and Blood Angels bodyguards.

Day 3 –  War in the Warp – Guilliman receives final reinforcements from the Ultramarines. All before mentioned sub factions are usable alongside the Ultramarines here.

Part II – 1st of May to 3rd of May 2023: Warlord Locked Skarbrand

The tides turn here. You stand now with Skarbrand and his forces!

Day 4 – Fall of the Rock – only Undivided units can be used as bodyguards.

Day 5 – Reclamation – the malevolent Undivided are aided on the fifth day by the Khorne units.

Day 6 – The Rock Besieged – Daemons join your nefarious forces to aid Skarbrand in his fight! All three mentioned types of units are available on the last day of this event.

Please note the following for these campaigns:

  • The format of each campaign is an exploration one, strike based.
  • Each daily free pack found in the shop will contain specific cards you can use as bodyguards for the day campaign. 
  • Each campaign will have a different reward track and can only be claimed once.
  • You will have 24 hours to complete each campaign when it starts.
  • Multiple modifiers will be in place as Even Playing Field, Special Requisitions, Apocalypse, and Battle-forged, for all six campaigns, with the last three having the Aura of Rage in place.

We will also release two brand new cards on Friday and Monday, which we will showcase tomorrow, so stay tuned!

For those who wish to remain online or can’t participate at WarhammerFest, we can’t wait to see here and tell us how you will find these events.