Hello Citizens!

It’s a very exciting time… It’s giveaway time! We have two physical copies of the latest Votann Combat Patrol! In addition to this physical giveaway, ten other winners will be gifted in-game Votann Cards!

On Friday, the 9th of December in-game we’ll be releasing the next wave of Votann cards from the latest army releases helping complete your collection and an event to prove your might!

Last wave cards include:

Brôkhyr Iron-Master
Brôkhyr Thunderkyn
Einhyr Hearthguard

But most importantly, a NEW Warlord!

Here’s how to get involved:

To participate, submit a screenshot of your player profile showing your combat card stats on the post on Facebook LINK HERE. Your player profile must be at least rank 5 to be eligible. Don’t have the game installed? Grab it here: 

Mobile: https://go.onelink.me/chIR/VotannContest

Steam: https://gsght.com/c/2382aw

The Details

In order for your submission to be considered, you must include the following hashtags: 




As an example, here’s what a valid submission will look like:

“Here is my submission! Kin FTW! #warhammercombatcards #votanngiveaway #warhammer40000

There will be two winners of the physical giveaway, who will win a Votann combat patrol and the in-game equivalents, and ten additional runner-ups who will earn the in-game rewards!


  • Only one submission will be accepted per person. Any submissions after the first one will not be taken into consideration.
  • Submissions must be made before the 5th of December, 2022.
  • Winners will be chosen live on stream on the 8th of December and will be notified via DM on Facebook from our official account.
  • We will accept submissions on Facebook only.
  • Submissions for Facebook are accepted if you post it in the comments sections on our Facebook post announcing this challenge: LINK HERE
  • It must be your game profile stats that you are submitting the screenshot of.
  • No personal data will be collected or shared as a part of this contest for any purpose other than fulfilling the contest requirements.
  • Your game profile must be at least rank 5 or above.
  • Submissions are accepted from any platform that you have Combat Cards installed on.
  • Physical rewards will be sent out securely to the winner at the earliest convenient opportunity, depending on the winner’s location. No locations will be ruled out, as this contest is open to all.