The new Votann Battlepass has arrived!

Log in-game and grab the chance to gather exclusive in-game cards and cosmetics to bolster your Votann collection!

No balance changes have been done at this end of the season, but we have added some new cards to the general loot pool today, unlocked at the specified rank:

Sorrow of Amannroth – Craftworld Saim-hann Fire Prism Rank 44
Prince Yriel – Corsair Prince of Craftworld Iyanden Rank 44

Servants of the Emperor
Severina Raine – Commissar of the 11th Antari Rifles Rank 15
Rein and Raus – Ratling Twins Rank 32
Carnivore – House Terryn Armiger Helverin Rank 68

Space Marines
Retributor’s Strike – Ultramarines Firestrike Servo-Turret Rank 66

Qizhrak – Flamer of Tzeentch Rank 61

Big Dakka’s Mega-Kannon – Bad Moons Clan Kustom Mega-kannon Rank 32
Gitslasha – Snakebite Clan Nob on Smasha Squig Rank 32
Frazzap’s Wurrwagon – Snakebites Kill Rig Rank 64

Specimen: LV-ζ-40291 – Hive Fleet Leviathan Toxicrene Rank 62
Specimen: BH-δ-20115 – Hive Fleet Behemoth Ravener Rank 62

And that’s all for this pass.

Keep an eye out for more news soon, and as ever, feel free to join the discussion on Discord: or on Twitch: