Its Balance Time! Over the last season its been flat out here on the Dev Team with Skulls week and with the delivery of the features revealed in the Roadmap. As such we’ve opted to go for a smaller, but high impact balance change targeting only Warlords and so we have 10 of the lowest performing Warlords getting meaningful adjustments to their stats which should make a noticeable difference.

We’ve had a flurry of communication recently so won’t dwell to much on further news, and there will be more updates coming in the near future.

So without further delay lets have a look at the Warlords in question:

Commander Shadowsun – Heroine of the Third Sphere Expansion
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +12 Base Melee
Cost Change: 33 -> 31 (Down 2)

Commander Farsight – Leader of the Farsight Enclaves
Stat Change: +15 Base Range

Watch Captain Artemis – Deathwatch Watch Captain
Stat Change: +3 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Helbrecht – High Marshal of the Black Templars
Stat Change: +25 Base Wounds, +5 Base Range, +5 Base Melee

Logan Grimnar – High King of Fenris
Stat Change: +20 Base Wounds, +10 Base Melee

The Masque – Infamous Herald of Slaanesh
Stat Change: +20 Base Wounds

Gloguthrox the Foul – Death Guard Lord of Contagion
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +3 Base Melee

Ghazghkull Thraka – Prophet of the Great WAAAGH!
Stat Change: +20 Base Wounds

Ghosar – Genestealer Patriarch
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds

The Parasite of Mortrex
Cost Change: 36 -> 34 (Down 2)
Trait Change: Poison -> Furious Charge

And for this season’s additions to the card pool were looking at some older cards that are long overdue, and much requested, to be added in to the general pool.

Drazhar – Drukari Master of Blades
Rank Unlock: 20

Orikan the Diviner – Sautekh Dynasty Cryptek
Rank Unlock: 18

Dead Eyes’ Dunno – Astra Militarum Ratling Sniper
Rank Unlock: 21

Brother Venix – Salamanders Ironclad Dreadnought
Rank Unlock: 63

Phrenzyx Shatterhowl – Noise Marine of Slaanesh
Rank Unlock: 19

Nerys Vignostiquod – Genestealer Cults Magus:
Rank Unlock: 18

And there we are!

We’re looking forward to sharing more details around our upcoming plans in the future, and hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Skulls event. Until next time!