Hello everyone!

As many of you will be aware, this week (Skulls week!) is a big week. Not just for events and new content though; this Wednesday the 1st of June will also mark the first time an event features a fully-fledged Clan Leaderboard, complete with rewards. Finally, Clan members will be able to combine their efforts, and be rewarded with great prizes depending on their placement in the Leaderboard.

It’s very important to note that you will only be able to contribute to and receive rewards from the Clan Leaderboard if you are in a Clan when the event starts. This is to ensure that the Leaderboard competition is entirely fair and protected, and no Clan-hopping or exploits occur. This does mean that it’s possible to miss the boat though – so if you aren’t in a Clan, join one! There’s never been a better time to find your ideal Clan. If you aren’t sure which one to join from the Clan tab, you can always try posting a message the Clan Recruitment channel in our official Discord server.

When we first announced the Clan Leaderboard a few weeks ago, we were ultimately looking forward to this moment. It’s been awesome to turn around and deliver a feature to players so quickly, and we’re confident that we can continue to iterate when required. We’re very excited for you to take part, and to see the feature evolve as we hold more events in the future.

Many of you have been asking for details of the prizes available on the Clan Leaderboard – they will be very familiar to you in these initial events, as they are modeled on the existing Campaign prizes. Instead of normal Campaign prizes though, the prizes on the Clan Leaderboard are all earned by every member of the Clan who is participating in the Campaign. We’ve built these first events and the Leaderboard placements based on data available to us from Clans in their current state – however, we anticipate the Clan landscape may change significantly as a result of the introduction of the Clan Leaderboard, so you can expect the Leaderboard in future events to evolve quickly in response.

It’s also important to note that the prizes this first time around will not necessarily be the standard by which all Clan Leaderboard events are run in the future. Our long-term intention for this feature is that it doesn’t significantly widen the gap between the top Clans and mid-level/developing Clans, and these Clans do not miss out on useful rewards.

With the Clan Leaderboard feature we want to reward Clan members for collaborating and engaging with and helping one another, whilst simultaneously providing a means for competitive Clans to compete in a meaningful and very visible way. To achieve these aims, we’ll continue working to iterate on the Leaderboard events every time we run them, and your feedback is invaluable in achieving this. So thank you to everyone who engages on any of our channels, we read everything out there.

So what are you waiting for? If you aren’t already in a Clan, join one, and if you are; rally the troops to battle!