As ever we come to the end of another season and have another balance change to roll out. This season we are looking at only some bodyguards, as we still have some larger changes from the previous two changes to settle down. Overall from a bodyguard perspective things are looking really positive so the list of changes is much smaller. While there are a few things that could be improved around some Traits and Warlords, we will be likely making some changes on those next season.

So without further delay lets get stuck in to the changes for the next Season!


Uthrielle – Craftworld Saim-Hann Wraithlord
Cost Change: 52 -> 50 (Down 2)

Yvraine – Emissary of Ynnead
Cost Change: 31 -> 32 (Up 1)

Amallyn Shadowguid – Asuryani Ranger
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +8 Base Range


Anrakyr the Traveller – Lord of the Phyrrian Legions
Stat Change: +10 Base Melee

Trazyn the Infinite – Archeovist of the Solemance Galleries
Cost Change: 33 -> 31 (Down 2)

Ascended Assassin – Szarekhan Dynasty Hexmark Destroyer
Cost Change: 23 -> 21 (Down 2)

Dimensional Assassin – Sautekh Dynasty Deathmark Assassin
Stat Change: +7 Base Range


Angkkor Prok – Kroot Shaper
Stat Change: +10 Base Melee

Kor’vesa #7700184 – Vior’la Sept DS8 Tactical Support Turret
Stat Change: +5 Base Range
Cost Change: 9 -> 8 (Down 1)

Servants of the Emperor:

‘Iron Hand’ Straken – Catachan Colonel
Stat Change: +2 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Omicron 99-Scythe – Adeptus Mechanicus Kastellan Robot
Stat Change: +10 Base Range

Dalat Hap-Uramedes – Adeptus Custodes Allarus Custodian
Stat Change: +10 Base Melee

Haldron-44 Stroika – Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron Breacher
Stat Change: +5 Base Range, +5 Base Melee

Guardsmen Bergersen – Death Korps Death Rider
Stat Change: +10 Base Melee

Espern Locarno – Imperial Navigator
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds
Cost Change: 10 -> 12 (Up 2)

Pious Vorne – Missionary Zealot
Stat Change: +5 Base Range

Damien 1427 – Adeptus Ministorum Arco-Flagellant
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +2 Base Melee

Space Marines:

Hammer of Titan – Nemesis Dreadknight
Cost Change: 63 -> 59 (Down 4)

Captain Karludo – Iron Ravens Captain
Cost Change: 28 -> 26 (Down 2)

Malek Rageborn – Space Wolves Wulfen
Stat Change: +8 Base Melee


Spiteclaw – Black Legion Venomcrawler
Cost Change: 30 -> 28 (Down 2)

Ghodar Bann – Black Legion Master of Executions
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +3 Base Melee

Corprax the Wall-Breaker – Iron Warriors Havoc
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +5 Base Range

Takrath Kulus – Crimson Slaughter Raptor
Stat Change: +5 Base Melee


Hakka Buzzkill – Blood Axe Nob
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds


Specimen: LV-714-FM-δ – Hive Fleet Leviathan Hive Crone
Cost Change: 38 -> 40 (Up 2)

Specimen: LV-883-ID-Θ – Hive Fleet Leviathan Lictor
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +5 Base Melee

And that’s the full list for this season!

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