Over the next few months we have some exciting new content and features dropping and we wanted to give you, the players, a sneak peek!

We will soon be introducing a system of adverts to the game that will reward players with resources for watching them. Adverts will be an entirely optional feature that players can choose to use if they wish, players who do not wish to engage with adverts at all can do so with absolutely no detriment. 

We can confidently say that we are not looking to implement a system of intrusive or mandatory adverts. Overall we do not believe that those types of adverts would provide a positive player experience or provide value to the player. For anyone concerned that this is just the start of intrusive features be assured that we are committed to putting the player experience first.

In recent months we have been gradually making quality of life changes and will be continuing to do so in many areas of the game, you will start to see some of that Coming Soon. In the next couple of weeks we will be introducing one of the features most requested by the community; Card Filtering and Sorting. This will be shown on stream in mid September.

We have also recently been experimenting with new event types and will be continuing to do so in the coming months. We will be ramping up the speed at which we deliver these new events and will be adding and refining new variations too. There is lots of exciting content coming in the next few months that we hope you will enjoy!