Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to be running a Caption Contest for our Second Anniversary event. This post will detail the submission process and rules, as well as outline the terms and conditions of your participation.

To reiterate the brief for submissions:

To participate, submit one or several connected screenshots from the Combat Cards Anniversary Event on Social Media. You are allowed to make edits to and caption your screenshots, within the rules of the contest. We are encouraging and will be evaluating:

  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Humour
  • Lore-accuracy

The winners will be announced live on stream on Monday the 16th of August at twitch.tv/well_played_games, so make sure you tune in!

In order for your submission to be considered, you must include the following hashtags: 

  • #warhammercombatcards
  • #2yearanniversary
  • #warhammer40000
What are you competing for? The one and only Eisenhorn of course! As well as a handy bonus of 3000 coins.

You must also tag the Combat Cards account on the social media platform you are making your submission on. For example, text accompanying a post on facebook may look like this:

“Here is my submission! Skumbo rules! #warhammercombatcards #2yearanniversary #warhammer40000 @WarhammerCombatCards”

There will be at least 10 winners. The exact number of winners will be announced later this week, and will be dependent on the number of submissions received (more submissions = more winners).

Rules for submissions:

No instances or references to:

  • Profanity
  • Nudity
  • Politics
  • Racism or homophobia of any kind


  • Only one submission will be accepted per person. Any submissions after the first one will not be taken into consideration on the same social media platform.
  • Submissions must be made before the 16th of August 2021
  • We reserve the right to remove any submissions from the contest at our discretion
  • Winners will be chosen live on stream, and will be notified via DM on the platform that they made their submission on
  • We will accept submissions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Submissions for Facebook are accepted if you post it on your profile or in the comments sections on our Facebook post announcing this challenge.
  • Submissions for Instagram are accepted if you post it on your Wall, Reels or Story section.
  • Submissions for Twitter are accepted as long as you use the “Quote Tweet” option on our post announcing this challenge so you can add the caption and hashtags.