Hello again everyone! We’ve had a lot of new elements around Warlords and Warlord rules introduced recently, as well as the hangover from Trait Rank 4 meaning that a lot of the Special Rules purposely have not been touched in a while. However we’re now confident that we are happy with how the data has settled and a good volume of changes are happening to a number of Special Rules. So without further ado let’s get stuck in.

Manifest Nightmare – Szarekhan Dynasty Psychomancer

Debuff Amount: 25% -> 40% (Up 15%)
With the Psychomancers initial release we may have been overly cautious with the values, as there were real concerns over this being an overpowered rule when turned up too high. But with support of the data and player feedback he’s getting a deserved tune up.

Honoured Aun’va – Master of the Undying Spirit

Buff Amount: 25% -> 40% (Up 15%)
Aun’va came in strong and was very popular initially but has dropped down slowly since, especially since the release of Darkstrider who has proved incredibly successful. As a result it seemed fair to increase his buff amount to a higher level.

Captain Acheran – Ultramarines Capatain

Remaining Health: 15 -> 5 (Down 10)
Captian Acheran had been a low performer for a very long time and has quickly swung in the opposite direction. We’re happy with the form of the new rule as we think it plays to Space Marine strengths and as mentioned on release is a very good safe introductory rule.However the value at 15 has proven a bit too strong and by reducing it to 5 there should be some much more manageable ways of dealing with him, particularly some traits like Psionic Blast, Barrage and Poison and even counter attacks which had been falling slightly short.

Logan Grimnar – High King of Fenris

Damage Overflow: 120% -> 125% (Up 5%)
Adding a damage overflow increase to Logan has seen his usage and winrate up slightly, but not as much as we were hoping, so a small further up tick in the value seemed appropriate.

Gloguthrox the Foul – Lord of Contagion

Max Stacks: 5 -> 4 (Down 1)While the debuff increase from the previous season was definitely merited, the new max debuff of 75% was quite punishing. By reducing this to 4 and capping at 60% it’s still powerful but makes it a bit less overwhelming.

That covers all of the Warlord Rule changes, and with that lets have a look at the stat changes.


Kayduin – Craftworld Mymeara Wraithseer
Cost Change: 64 -> 62 (Down 2)

Thielle – Dire Avengers Aspect Warrior
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, + 3 Base Range

Faeth Shardheart – Drukhari Kabalite Warrior
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, +3 Base Range


Ulthakar – Szarekhan Skorpekh Destroyer Lord
Stat Change: +25 Base Wounds

Eldritch Defender – Sautekh Dynasty Annihilation Barge
Stat Change: -6 Base Range

Unending Fury – Szarekhan Dynasty Skorpekh Destroyer
Cost Change: 30 -> 32 (Down 2)

Temporal Chronicler – Szarekhan Dynasty Chronomancer
Stat Change: +4 Base Range, +4 Base Melee


Shas’vre Vosia – Vior’la Sept XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
Stat Change: +6 Base Range

Orak – Kroot Carnivore
Stat Change: +3 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Shas’ui D’tano – Vior’la Sept Breacher
Stat Change: +3 Base Range

Servants of the Emperor

Inquisitor Karamazov – Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Hereticus
Stat Change: +3 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Inquisitor Coteaz – Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Malleus
Cost Change: 29 -> 31 (Up 2)

Old Strider – Catachan Scout Sentinel
Cost Change: 25 -> 22 (Down 3)

Amalia Novena – Adpeta Sororitas Sister Superior
Cost Change: 16 -> 15 (Down 1)

Grathyogg – Astra Militarum Bullgryn
Stat Change: +3 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Stromian Grell – Voidsman-at-Arms
Stat Change: +5 Base Range

Gotfret de Montbard – Adeptus Ministorum Crusader
Cost Change: 5 -> 6 (Up 1)

Space Marines

Sven Ironfist – Space Wolves Redeptor Dreadnought
Cost Change: 64 -> 61 (Down 3)

Brother Chiron – Salamanders Dreadnought
Cost Change: 54 -> 52 (Down 2)

Lord Asterion Moloc – Minotaurs Chapter Master
Cost Change: 47 -> 45 (Down 2)

Castellan Crowe – Castellan Champion of the Grey Knight Purifiers
Stat Change: +5 Base Psychic, +5 Base Melee

Adrax Agatone – Salamanders Captain
Cost Change: 27 -> 26 (Down 1)

Brother Adremo – Ultramarines Judiciar
Stat Change: +20 Base Wounds

Lieutenant Eothrus – Primaris Battle Leader

Cost Change: 25 -> 23 (Down 2)

Sergeant Kajurah Swiftwind – White Scars Intercessor 

Cost Change: 12 -> 11 (Down 1)


Slogoth Poxbelly – Great Unclean One of Nurgle
Stat Chage: +5 Base Psychic

Tzax’lan-Tar – Lord of Change of Tzeentch
Stat Change: -20 Base Wounds

Bzzark the Fly-Borne
Stat Change: +5 Base Psychic

Haarken Worldclaimer – Herald of the Apocalypse
Trait Change: Outflank -> Fear

Hakkon Karnikus – Crimson Slaughter Terminator Lord
Cost Change: 30 -> 28 (Down 2)

Obsidius Mallex – Chaos Lord
Stat Change: +5 Base Melee

Kattorax Vorthire – Death Guard Lord of Virulence
Stat Change: +3 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Horticulous Slimux – The Grand Cultivator of Nurgle
Cost Change: 28 -> 26 (Down 2)

Rukfang’s Squigbuggy – Snakebite Clan Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy
Stat Change: -3 Base Range, -3 Base Melee

Stompachompa – Snakebite Clan Squiggoth
Stat Change:+5 Base Range, +5 Base Melee

Gooz Blackclaw – Bad Moons Clan Wazbom Blastajet
Cost Change: 51 -> 49 (Down 2)

Mad Dok Grotsnik – Deranged Painboy
Stat Change: +6 Base Melee

Gutzbag – Goff Clan Loota
Stat Change: +6 Base Range


Hisser – Genestealer Cults Aberrant
Cost Change: 23 -> 21 (Down 2)

Galam – Genestealer Cults Acolyte Hybrid
Cost Change: 7 -> 6 (Down 1)

With that we’ve come to the end of this Season’s Balance Changes. This is definitely one of the larger ones we’ve had for a while so it will be interesting to see how you find the changes and what we’ll see going into the next season.

As ever feel free to join the discussion on Discord: https://discord.gg/9teFN6G or join us on Twitch, where we aim to get a livestream out once a month: https://www.twitch.tv/well_played_games