Hi all! It’s that time again. We’ve got a few changes to Warlord Special Rules and a Trait this time round having left the largely untouched for the past few changes to let the impact of Trait Rank 4 settle down.

This will also be a smaller pass as we’ve all been flat out getting all the content ready for Warhammer Skulls. There’s a lot to come, and make sure to find out more today at 19:00BST on our Livestream. https://www.twitch.tv/well_played_games

So to start with lets have a look at the Warlord Rule changes:

The Masque – Infamous Herald of Slaanesh
Quicksilver Swiftness:
While friendly Chaos cards are above 75 -> 60% wounds they attack first when defending

While The Masque’s performance hasn’t been poor we definitely erred on the side of caution with her rule. We feel this may have been a bit too harsh for her to be truly competitive so the wound threshold for the rule has been lowered allowing her rule to last longer.

Logan Grimnar – High King of Fenris
Savage Fury:
When an opponent is killed by a melee attack, 100% -> 120% of any excess damage is passed onto an adjacent card.

Logan has now been out for a while, and has struggled to push beyond the bottom 25% of Warlords. While there is already some strategy around timing and placement currently, this boost to the damage overflow should increase this tactical element while also increasing his power for some exciting combos to pull off.

As previously mentioned Captain Acheran will be getting a new rule, however it will be released in the following season rather than this time round. Full details to follow in the next Balance changes. We are aware of his performance and general player feelings around him, but extra care is needed with his position as the starting Warlord.

Next we have changes to one Trait:

When this card is destroyed it makes an attack dealing 75/90/105/120% of its melee attack value to the card opposite and 15/20/25/30% -> 25/30/35/40% to all adjacent enemy cards.

Deathblow previously had a stronger splash damage than the other area of effect traits, but its was brought in line for Trait Rank 4 with it becoming more accessible. However, on reflection given that it only triggers once , increasing its splash damage seems fitting and a nice distinguisher.

Now for the stat changes:


Kaevie Firehand – Craftworld Alaitoc Windrunner
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, +2 Base Ranged


Aza’gorod – Shard of the Nightbringer
Stat Change: +5 Base Ranged, + 5 Base Melee

Immensity of Destruction – Sautekh Doomsday Ark
Stat Change: +3 Base Ranged

Enforcer of Vengance – Triarch Praetorian
Stat Change: +5W, +3M


Dahyak Grekh – Kroot Tracker
Stat Change: +20 Base Wounds, +4 Base Ranged, +4 Base Melee

Kor’vesa #9974902 – Vior’la Sept MV71 Gun Drone
Cost Change: 9 -> 7 (Down 2)

Kor’vesa #0014921 – Vior’la MB3 Recon Drone
Stat Change: +5 Base Range

Shas’la Kaus – Vior’la Sept Fire Warrior
Cost Change: 5 -> 4 (Down 1)

Servants of the Emperor:

Wrathful Spirit – Astra Militarum Basilisk
Stat Change: +10 Base Ranged

UR-025 – Imperial Robot
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +4 Base Ranged, +4 Base Melee

Nork Deddog – The Ultimate Bodyguard
Stat Change: +5 Base Range, +5 Base Melee

Espern Locarno – Imperial Navigator
Cost Change: 9 -> 10 (Up 1)

Space Marines:

Hammer of Titan – Nemesis Dreadknight
Cost Change: 65 -> 63 (Down 2)

Brother Nero – Ultramarines Primaris Outrider
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +5 Base Melee

Brother Zephrael – Dark Angels Ravenwing Biker
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +2 Base Range, +2 Base Melee


Skulltaker – Khorne’s Immortal Champion
Stat Increase: +20 Base Wounds

Vulgar Thrice-Cursed – The Twisted Lord
Stat Change: +3 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Dorzgogh – Black Legion Obliterator
Cost Change: 27 -> 25 (Down 2)

Pustus Sepk – Plague Marine of The Mouldering Claw
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, +4 Base Range

Takrath Kulus – Crimson Slaughter Raptor
Stat Change: +5 Base Melee

Zzak’tar – Pink Horror of Tzeentch
Cost Change: 10 -> 11 (Up 1)

Gottfried – Traitor Guardsmen Sergeant
Stat Change: +4 Base Melee

Subject Unliving – Poxwalker of Nurgle
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds

Spitesting – Screamer of Tzeentch
Cost Change: 4 -> 5 (Up 1)


Guldakka – Deathskulls Clan Meka Dread
Cost Change: 70 -> 66 (Down 4)

Zogmex – Goff Clan Big Mek in Mega Armour
Stat Change: +3 Base Range, +3 Base Melee

Bignatz – Bad Moons Clan Killa Kan
Stat Change: +10 Base Wounds, +4 Base Range, +2 Base Melee

Gubbinz – Big Mek with Shokk-Attack Gun
Trait Change: Precision Shot -> Fear

Hakka Buzzkill – Blood Axe Nob
Cost Change: 15 -> 13 (Down 2)

Kog da Rekka – Snakebite Clan Tankbusta Nob
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, +4 Base Range

Bogrot – Evil Sunz Clan Biker
Stat Change: +5 Base Wounds, +4 Base Range, +4 Base Melee


Specimen: LV-852-NC-Θ – Hive Fleet Leviathan Venomthrope
Stat Change: +7 Base Melee

And that wraps up this Season balance changes!

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