I’m excited to announce our latest trait and in keeping with our last trait release, Barrage, we’re releasing a new AoE trait. This time, it’s for Psychic attacks! We want each of these AoE traits to feel unique, so Psionic Blast isn’t just a psychic version of Barrage.

So what does it do? The trait reads as follows:

At the start of each turn, this card makes an attack that deals 5/10/15% psychic damage to all opponent cards.

So a couple of important things to note there. Firstly, it triggers at the start of each turn, which definitely makes it very powerful, though it is restricted by a low attack amount. This means it can strip shields prior to attacks and kill low-health cards before they can be replaced. Also, it triggers each turn, so removing it should be a priority. Finally, it attacks all opposing cards regardless of placement, so positioning is not a factor. We see this trait as being a control mechanic, rather than just pure offensive damage, so timing when you play it is important. However, if left unchecked for too long the damage output of these cards can add up to be phenomenal.

As a thematic rule the oppressive and dangerous auras that the most powerful or unusual psykers have can drive their opponents mad or outright kill them due to the raw or insidious power flowing from these awesome beings. So as well as being a noticeably different new trait it also holds true as thematic and flavourful!

So the big question is, who’s getting this trait? It makes sense to go on larger cards (or in some cases the ‘non-traditional’ psykers) as already mentioned. This allows these cards to be useful in decks other than pure psyker decks, which traditionally the highest cost psykers struggle to fit into. This should make these cards more attractive in any deck and means that we can look forward to seeing them being used more broadly in any build.

So with all that being said, here is the list:


Kayduin – Craftworld Mymeara Wraithseer

Karhaedron – Craftworld Iyanden Hemlock Wraithfighter

Servants of the Emperor:

Inquisitor Coteaz – Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Malleus

Espern Locarno – Imperial Navigator

Space Marines:

Epistolary Galen – Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought

Njal Stormcaller – Space Wolves High Rune Priest


Tzax’lan-Tar – Lord of Change of Tzeentch
N’eemz, Face of the Moon – Herald of Tzeentch


Ed Zappa – Goff Clan Weirdboy


Specimen: LV-655-BS- – Hive Fleet Leviathan Tervigon
Scourge of Cyranis – Hive Fleet Kraken Maleceptor