Welcome to part two of our three part series taking a look at the Clans feature in Warhammer Combat Cards. In this post we’ll take a look at the structure and features that are coming with Clans at launch, and in the next we’ll be looking forward to what’s coming in the immediate future and ideas for longer term additions. We’re sure there’ll be lots of things you’re all excited to see and from the next post you’ll see there’s things we’re just as excited to add, but for now let’s talk about setting up your Clan.

Getting Started

Creating a Clan in Warhammer Combat Cards is super easy, and the options available offer flexibility in how you want to run your very own Clan. You can use the description option to talk about your Clan so that other users can see what you’re about, giving players a glimpse of what to expect and ensure they’re choosing the right Clan whether you’re a casual group of players who just want to talk strategy, an elite squad of hardcore ranked players, or somewhere in between. With 50 spots available we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right Clan for you.

When creating your Clan you can also choose from a number of options to customise who can access your Clan. Just want to keep it as a small group of friends? Just set the type to Private. Only want high level players? Increase the minimum rank required to join. Your Clan’s admins can change these settings as required so you can change your entry requirements as you see fit. Admins can also set a ‘message of the day’ to alert members to any information they might like.

You can also set your Clan’s preferred language and region. This will help players not only know what the main language you’ll all be using in Clan chat, but also helps players see recommended Clans when they first look to join. This means you’ll get players in similar time zones meaning there should be other players online when you are.

To help you customise your Clan further you can choose from any of the available icons to really set your group apart from the rest. As with all of the other options you can change this at any time so if you decide your Clan prefers Orks this week then so be it!

Now changing the appearance of your Clan is all well and good, but what if you want to go that extra mile and really represent one of the eight factions in Warhammer Combat Cards? Surely that should come with some sort of reward for your loyalty, right?


Clan Dedications is the first of numerous features we’ll be bringing to Clans. By dedicating your Clan to a particular faction you’ll be able to gain additional rewards. I’ve enlisted the help of Tom and Harry, two of the people instrumental in this feature, to talk a little more about them:

Tom: Clan Dedications has a lot more going on than initially meets the eye. Players will be excited to learn that it brings in additional rewards, and we are excited for the ways we can use Dedications to build bigger and more exciting features for Clans, as well as wider gameplay and rewards.

Harry: Having been a long time player of the many things I have wanted to see has been an active way of gaining more cards, and the option to specialise and focus in on a particular faction; Dedications brings both of these. It also brings a key aspect of the Warhammer community which is identifying with a faction which I think is great and really nicely sets the scene for anything competitive further down the line.

Tom: Right now your Clan Dedication is your commitment to a certain faction, until you decide you’d like a change of course. You’ll be rewarded for that commitment with reinforcements from your chosen faction in Free, Kill and Victory packs. I’ve been testing Dedications for a while, and having crunched all the numbers as well I’m really excited for how players will be able to focus on their favourite faction, or rotate their Dedication between a few, to influence their card pool.

Harry: I think that it works really well to support any of the factions, the larger factions getting a chance to dip into a larger card pool more effectively, or with the smaller factions, really focus in and level up cards much more quickly. Its also good as it really benefits all stages of the player cycle, whether a new player wanting to bring their cards up quickly, or a veteran player who is looking for the last few copies of a few cards or expand a faction that has fallen behind.

Tom: Your Clan Owner and Co-Owners will be the ones setting the Clan’s Dedication, but all of the effects of the Dedication will affect every member of the Clan. It’s worth noting that Dedications are semi-permanent; they last until you decide to change it to something else. Another thing which is cool is that the extras you get in packs from Dedications are just that; extras. Everything you gain takes nothing away, so there really is no reason not to join a Clan!

Next up…

Dedications are just the start for Clans. While many of you have been waiting a long time for Clans, we’re only just getting started on the features we want to include. This isn’t a ‘one and done’ release. We’ve got a lot of quality of life improvements already underway along with a very cool feature we’ll be previewing in part three. We’ll also be talking to the team about what features they would like to see added to Clans. Stay tuned!