We’re excited to announce the latest trait that will be entering the game: Berserk! It will be added to the list of cards below at the beginning of the next Ranked Season (28/09/20). We’re keen to continue adding new traits to the game, to increase the layers of strategy, and to continue to make battles more engaging. As such this is a brand new trigger based on receiving damage. 

The trait reads as follows: “Whenever this card takes damage it increases all attack stats by +4/8/12.”

This should give players an interesting choice of placing these cards against weaker opponents to ramp the attack and leaving other cards to absorb big hitters potentially exposing the warlord earlier to increase their buff at low risk; or go toe to toe with big hitters using the ramp to out damage them, but minimising the amount of bonuses they can stack. 

Here is the bit you’re all interested in, the list of cards receiving Berserk.

Berserk Cards:


Canvas of Pain – Drukhari Grotesque


Nihilistic Reaper – Sautekh Dynasty Heavy Destroyer

Vengeance of Sekemtar – Sautekh Dysnasty Destroyer Lord

Unending Fury – Szarekhan Dynasty Skorpekh Destroyer

Servant of the Emperor:

Sevora Devout – Death Cults Assassin

Damien 1427 – Adeptus Ministorum Arco-flagellant

Penitent Persephanae – Adpetus Sororitas Repentia

Sergeant ‘Stonetooth’ Harker – Catachan Sergeant

Space Marines:

Cassor the Damned – Blood Angels Death Company Dreadnought

Malek Rageborn – Space Wolves Wulfen

Skarin the Reaper – Thunderwolf Cavalry

Tyberos the Red Wake – Chapter Master of the Carcharodons


Kharn the Betrayer – World Eaters Champion

Mortis Metalikus – Crimson Slaughter Helbrute

Honoured Gor’zrak – Red Corsairs Possessed 


Da Black Deff – Goff Clan Deff Dread

Stompachompa  – Snakebite Clan Squiggoth


Hisser – Genestealer Cults Abberant

Keep your eyes peeled as there may be more news on new traits before the next balance pass…