Hi, and welcome to the second milestone for the 13(ish) painters taking part in our six month long painting challenge. Each month we have to paint 10 Power / 100 points of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures or suffer a cake / humiliation based penalty (with one month off by using our ‘mulligan’).

Last month Julia was the first to fail the challenge, so here she is wearing the Two Thin Coats of Duncan’s Disappointment and buying us cakes.

Let’s see who’s succeeded / failed this month. Honestly? I predict more tasty, tasty, cakes.

AdamW – Orks

Mulligan – I made the choice of painting everything this month in pieces as I thought it would save me time! Certainly makes it easier to paint, but didn’t save me any time… I wanted to share a picture though, so we have some visuals to show. Although I didn’t want to Mulligan so soon, I now have like 15 Power of ‘nearly’ complete Orks that need sticking together.


Leanne – Orks

FAILED – I was building and painting a Deff Dread and a Kustom Boosta-blasta, but as these are my first bigger models to paint, I got cocky and didn’t give myself enough time… Turns out belief in WAAAGH! does not stop you from a painting failure.


Rich – Adeptus Custodes

I decided to go for the Vertus Praetors next. As these are quite a bit over the power requirement for the month, I’ve been doing them over 2 months. Flying motorbike jousters, what’s not to love.


Jordan – Night Lords

Mulligan – This month I intended to do my other Obliterator and a Master of Execution. I got the Obliterator done pretty quickly but then my other hobbies, and complacency, got in the way of my executioner.

So my plan next month is to finish my executioner off and then try and get ahead on some Terminators or Raptors, whichever happens to take my fancy.


Emyr – Space Wolves

Having burned out on painting Intercessors last month, I decided to change it up and do the Reivers. I paid the price for gluing all the accessories on them, but I really like how they turned out. I’m using orange hair to mark the sergeants to make them easier to spot when playing, which gives them a cool viking look.


Paul – Death Guard

FAILED – I took my mulligan last month to make a lot of different tests, and this month went great… until I was tempted to play with different flesh diseases effects. Since I’m new to painting, this took of course much more time than expected. New lesson learned: finish the models first, then do the tests on other parts, out of the monthly challenge scope.


Stu – Chaos

As soon as I saw the Ambot I knew I had to get and convert them – so making Obliterators was the ideal excuse. My little force is themed around an Iron Warriors Warsmith / Dark Mechanicus type inventor who mashes together all these crazy creations and no I’m not talking about myself thank you very much.

Next month will be the Warsmith himself and a Daemon Prince.


Keith – Genestealer Cults

Mulligan – Turns out living in a building site is not compatible with the finer arts. Got very close too but some days were a complete write off due to either huge clouds of dust or loud drilling noises (often both together).


Deke – Necrons (was Imperial Fists)

Eagle-eyed readers will notice these aren’t Imperial Fists! Whilst I enjoyed painting them, I didn’t enjoy doing so with a time limit. Instead I’m focusing on growing my Necron army ready for a tournament I’m attending later this year.


Thanos – Deathwatch

This one goes out to all the people telling me to paint my dreadnought, doubting I’d get it done on time. I liked how customisable it was but was surprised how long the assembly took! I’m happy with how it turned out but could have done a better job on the scraping (as there are some gashes) and think I’ll go back later and do some highlighting.

I particularly like the Retributor gold parts and am already thinking that my next army might have to be Custodes.


Julia – Death Guard

I am not sure if this counts as a pass (Ed’s note – it does)? I think I may have fallen into the trap of assembling too much, and not painting enough.

I got fairly confident with Poxwalkers last month so moving onto larger models like the Lord of Contagion was a new and daunting challenge. I love the crazy details on the Lord of Contagion model – but this makes it hard really hard for me, as a bit of a perfectionist, to not keep on going with the paint layers (far more than the minimum three required).

Definitely a WIP – I must finish painting models before I assemble more!


Dave – Adeptus Mechanicus

As I painted 2 Warglaves last month, I had it easy and just added the decals to them. I have started work on tech priests, Sicarian Ruststalkers and Belisarius Cawl.


AdamC – T’au

Mulligan – Personal life got in the way this month so I will be taking my mulligan as I didn’t manage to get any painting done. Next month I will be back on form, getting my Battlesuit finished and adding Commander Farsight to my army.


Tim – Necromunda

This month I painted up my daughter’s house Escher gang. It’s totally the best gang – so much fun with the animal print and the punk hair!

Edge highlighting was the big learning this month. Big up respect to Deke for teaching me the secrets of milk-consistency paint to get an awesome electric glow on the shock whip. There’s 4-5 different shades of blue on that 1mm on the edge of the whip!

I wasn’t so happy with the highlights on the hair, where the edges were flatter and the highlights tended to end up a bit blotchy. Something to work on for next month!



So, a lot of mulligans used this month! We’ve had several public holidays and unexpectedly hot weather recently – which explains why people haven’t painted. But with summer coming, using the mulligans this early may be a risky move…

As ever, the next post will be in four weeks, with more miniatures, and potentially some of the team developing diabetes from all the cakes people have to buy. In the meantime you can get in touch by leaving a comment below, through our Facebook page or by mailing [email protected].