Over the last few weeks we’ve had a few people ask if Combat Cards has been cancelled, but if anything the opposite is true. Our team has never been larger, with several coders moving across from Well Played’s other team to help us out.



The reason for the radio silence is that with the new coders joining us we’ve decided to pause all the other work we were doing and just focus on fixing the glitches and ‘hesitations’ you see in the game. This means our code team is delving deep into core areas of the engine, solving underlying issues which manifest themselves in all sorts of seemingly unrelated ways.

When they’re done, the game should run more smoothly, load more quickly, and have fewer pauses where nothing seems to be happening.



Which is good news all round, but it does rather leave us with very little to talk about or share on the blog or our Facebook page. There’s only so many times we can write ‘coders doin’ a code’, and because they’re performing serious engine surgery we’re not adding any new miniatures to the game right now, so I can’t write about those, either.

Of course, while the coders are coding, the team’s artists and designers are still working, but we’re taking the opportunity to look at features which won’t be in the game for a while yet. For example, we’re laying out all the screens for the clans feature, improving the card pack opening sequence, checking the game’s economy is ready for launch and so on.



All of these areas could make for potentially interesting blog posts, but this needs to be balanced against how long before you guys are likely to see them in the game. I’ve already written several posts discussing features that aren’t in game yet, so I don’t want to do too much more of that. From my side, I want to share all the cool things we’re working on, but I appreciate how frustrating it is to be told about stuff which then doesn’t show up for a while.



All of which means I’m going to pause these blog posts for a month or so, with just the regular ‘A Tale of 13(ish) Painters’ posts going ahead on time (the team’s really enjoying working on our armies, so there’s no reason to cut that off).

As I said at the start, this doesn’t mean that the project’s canned or the blog is done, just that the team has its’ head down, focussing on behind the scenes work which needs to be sorted before we can launch to the rest of the world.

Anyone in Canada, Australia or the Netherlands who’s currently playing should continue to get in touch through the game’s help feature or by using this link – our customer support team will still be able to help you out. Everyone else, can get in touch below, by mailing [email protected] or on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.